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Qingdao, November 22 - today, the Qingdao Development Zone held the inaugural meeting of the textile machinery industry development alliance. YAN Dan, member of the working committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of the Development Zone, but did not call Xiaofeng to attend the meeting. More than 35 persons in charge of Wangtai Town, the Economic Development Bureau, planning and Construction Bureau, business cooperation bureau and China Merchants Bureau of the Development Zone, as well as relevant persons in charge of colleges and universities in the zone, financial institutions and some key textile machinery enterprises attended the meeting

it is reported that the textile machinery industry development alliance of the development zone is composed of 35 units, including universities, financial institutions and some key textile machinery enterprises, selected by the Economic Development Bureau of the Development Zone, Wangtai Town, the planning and Construction Bureau of the Development Zone, the relevant competent departments such as the experimental Machinery Cooperation Bureau and China Merchants, and Wang Shutian, President of China Textile Machinery Association, serves as the honorary president. After the establishment of the alliance, guided by the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping's visit to Shandong and Qingdao, and closely focusing on the work deployment of major projects to comprehensively promote the conversion of old and new kinetic energy at the provincial, municipal and new areas, the alliance actively promoted the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of textile machinery industry in Wangtai new kinetic energy industrial base by taking the opportunity of the pilot demonstration of Wharton's revenue of 320 million yuan and net profit of 68.6279 million yuan during the period when the development zone was approved as the first batch of intelligent industries in China, Fully activate the vitality of private economy, vigorously promote the construction of characteristic industrial parks of smart textile machinery industrial park, promote regional development, park agglomeration and functional integration in the mode of "Park in district", and build a private economy demonstration park

after the inaugural meeting, Qingdao Development Zone organized relevant leaders of Tianhe Research Institute and Liandong u Valley as members of the alliance to conduct special training on enterprise transformation and upgrading and industrial park construction and development, and visited intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises such as Haier intelligent factory and SAIC GM Wuling automatic production line


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