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Lingyun company appeared in the 12th International Exhibition of industrial control automation in South China and Vision China (Shenzhen)

China industrial control and industrial control information Lingyun company appeared in the 12th International Exhibition of industrial control automation in South China and Vision China (Shenzhen)

the 12th International Exhibition of industrial control automation in South China and visionchina (Shenzhen) was held as scheduled in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on June 27, 2008, Lingyun company always pays attention to China's industrial automation industry and supports the machine vision industry. It brings the latest vision solutions and products for industrial customers and scientific research institutions in South China. 2.3 accurately print or draw lines according to the sample size requirements

exhibition system

autonomous software positioning demonstration system - film gluer simulation system

autonomous software detection Demonstration System - button detection system

static exhibits

dalsap2, P3 linear array camera

jaicm-080ge new model A1 and A2 analog cameras

pointgrey full line products, flea2, grasshopper, fireflymv

computar Myutron lens

independent light source products

visionware, the independent software of Lingyun company, was born in the exhibition, attracting the attention of all parties. As the first major attack of Lingyun's R & D center, visionware is committed to building a more localized professional software platform for the majority of scientific image and machine vision customers. The main functional modules of the software include positioning, detection, measurement and color. It is widely used in semiconductor, PCB, LCD, general electronics, auto parts, packaging, printing and other industries. The two systems presented in this exhibition have practical applications in their respective fields

the stick film simulation system mainly demonstrates the "positioning" module of visionware. The system structure includes the flea2 series 2million pixel CCD camera of pointgrey company in Canada, the CBC lens and the independent light source of Lingyun company. The rotating speed of the system is 30mm/s, the fastest positioning time can be 30ms, and the precision can be up to 1/4 pixel. The moving speed of objects can be controlled by the brightness of the light source

the button detection system uses pointgrey's flea2 series 800000 pixel CCD camera, myutron lens and Lingyun's independent light source. It mainly realizes the accurate detection of the appearance (roundness) and size of the tested object through the "detection" module of visionware software, so as to realize the classification of the product. The system is specially customized and developed by Lingyun company for customers. Our phase 3 We hope to let you know that Lingyun is willing and able to provide customized system solutions for our customers. It is the consistent pursuit of Lingyun people to realize the greatest value for customers

during this exhibition, fangzhibin, deputy general manager of Lingyun company, made the following report for the majority of machine vision enthusiasts, which aroused everyone's sympathy. We hope to have more opportunities to share the latest visual information with you and build a new climax of visual technology in China


vice general manager fangzhibin on the podium

looking forward to meeting you again! Thank you for visiting the booth of Lingyun company

Beijing Lingyun Guangshi focuses on image and machine vision, combines agency sales with R & D and production, and is committed to providing first-class solutions and the most competitive products for users in the field of image and machine vision at home and abroad. The company takes "customer satisfaction" as its value orientation and "implanting eyes and brains into machines" as its business mission! The company's agent products cover all aspects of visual imaging, such as chips, cameras, image acquisition/processing cards, lenses, light sources and image processing software. The product breadth of many international partners, the industry depth of successful cases involved, and the professional technology and sincere service of Lingyun people are looking forward to helping you create success

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