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2011 Beijing paint Exhibition: three trees bring the wind of health and environmental protection 2011 Beijing paint Exhibition: three trees bring the wind of health and environmental protection 2011 March 11, 2011, Exhibitors from all walks of life have also opened the above-mentioned related content, which is very important to understand the model of the electronic universal testing machine, and are making active preparations for the arrival of March 10 to 12. It is reported that the exhibition work of sankeshu, one of the famous domestic coating enterprises, has been carried out in an all-round way

Located in Putian, Fujian Province, sankeshu Coatings Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the development and sales of health products such as architectural coatings, decoration paint, furniture paint, industrial coatings, adhesives and resins. With a total area of 200000 square meters and an annual production capacity of 200000 tons, the enterprise is one of the largest ecological coating industrial parks in China. At present, the enterprise is building a 500000 ton water-based coating production base, which will be one of the largest water-based coating bases in the world. The company has 26 most advanced automatic production lines in China, operates in strict accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001 management systems, introduces advanced ERP management system and Siemens WinCC automatic information system, and realizes automation and standardization of production control system

the company has been successively rated as a national high-tech enterprise, a post doctoral mobile workstation, a national integrity and law-abiding enterprise, a national advanced enterprise in corporate culture construction, a national outstanding private science and technology enterprise, Fujian Provincial Technology Center, Fujian water-based coating engineering technology research center, Fujian innovation demonstration enterprise, Fujian may day labor certificate, etc. The leading product, sankeshu paint, is a leading brand of health paint in China, and has successively won the honors of "China famous trademark", "China famous brand", "the only paint brand of Shenzhou VI and Shenzhou VII" and "China's 500 most valuable brands"; The brand value is 3.255 billion yuan

at this Beijing paint Expo, three trees echoed the theme of "low carbon environmental protection, functional innovation, painting beauty and fashion, and promoting the value-added of downstream products" proposed by the organizers, and will bring a series of environmental protection and functional innovation products to the audience. First of all, in the low-carbon star coating display and guidance area, the six kinds of experimental power innovative coating display and guidance area and the technical achievements display and guidance area on the exhibition site, you will intuitively and artistically feel its fresh and healthy wind:

"fresh breathing series", three trees fresh breathing wall finish. It is a kind of original ecological emulsion paint, which can release negative ions beneficial to human beings for a long time by using negative ion generation technology; Purify the air and beautify the home

"space paint", which has the unique space carrying technology, has the powerful functions of heat preservation and energy saving, antibacterial and bacteriostatic, formaldehyde removal, etc., and also has the odor purification technology. It is a new favorite of coatings when these soft faults can be basically avoided or solved by yourself

"full effect of formaldehyde removal" can effectively remove the formaldehyde pollution in the newly decorated room. The smell is fresh and natural, the covering power is strong, the paint film is fine, the hand feel is smooth, the alkali resistance and scrubbing resistance are superior, and it has excellent mildew and algae resistance


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