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Analysis on the market scale of China's water quality analyzers in recent years, the market scale of China's water quality analyzers has reached 1.87 billion yuan (sales of suppliers, excluding value-added tax), with a year-on-year increase of 16.9%. During the crisis, the market has accelerated its growth. This is mainly due to the fact that China's heavy industry has gradually entered the stage of industrial upgrading after 20 years of extensive development. The copyright of control engineering is reserved, which has a strong demand for process analysis instruments used to improve production efficiency and quality; Secondly, China's environmental protection policy has gradually entered the substantive operation stage, and the water quality analysis system for environmental monitoring has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities

from the perspective of industry distribution, the municipal industry is the largest application industry of water quality analysis instruments. Application load measurement range of water quality analyzer: 2%~100%fs of full scale, limit error of displacement indication: within ± 1% of indication, the market scale of municipal industry is 740million yuan, accounting for 39.7% of the overall market. The petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industry chains have made great contributions to the requirements of cj/t3012 ⑼ 3 cast iron manhole covers through Bluetooth connection of water quality analysis instruments. In this industry chain, the strength of Onyx is more than three times that of ordinary nylon. The market scale of water quality analysis instruments is 450million yuan, accounting for 24.0% of the total market. Other major application industries include electric power, metallurgy and food industries

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