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Analysis on the market trend of CSG building energy-saving insulating glass in 2011

the new year is not over yet, but the building materials industry has been busy for a long time. According to the analysis on the market trend of energy-saving insulating glass in 2011, we have to mention CSG when talking about building energy-saving glass. After more than 20 years of development, CSG has become a "big man" in the R & D and production of building energy-saving glass, and its own production capacity and technical level rank in the forefront of China

in order to pursue daylighting and comfort, houses and buildings are developing towards large windows. However, the larger the windows of the building, the worse the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection, the greater the external noise interference, and the quietness is reduced How to solve such a contradiction in the development of the construction industry? The advent of "residential energy-saving insulating glass" has easily and thoroughly solved the problem of giving birth to industry leaders

according to manager Liu of the marketing department of CSG, the production base in Shuangliu has been put into production, and new products have entered the market through various channels. "I believe the new product will have a broad market prospect." Manager Liu said. Use energy-saving glass to recover the cost in five years

since the establishment of the company, CSG has always focused on the high quality engineering glass market. However, the new product developed by CSG in july2013, comfort residential energy-saving insulating glass, shows that it has officially entered the civil residential glass market. The company disclosed that the energy-saving material market will be standardized and mature with the implementation of energy-saving signs for building doors and windows, which has stored great market opportunities

it is understood that the comfort residential energy-saving hollow glass developed by CSG group this time has the characteristics of being warm in winter and cool in summer, why electronic universal testing machine is needed to test various materials, noise reduction, sound insulation, transparency and brightness, and the glass price is relatively moderate compared with the energy-saving glass products used in the glass curtain wall of public buildings, It is very suitable for the common people. In the high-end residential market, CSG will also focus on the introduction of double silver and three silver energy-saving insulating glass for residential use in the near future. The launch of "comfort" series energy-saving insulating glass for residential use this time will certainly guide the development trend of building energy-saving glass in China

wuguobin said that an important reason hindering the market promotion of energy-saving glass is the price problem. He explained that the price of energy-saving glass is much more expensive than ordinary glass, so the use of energy-saving glass will increase the cost of the house. "But in the long run, energy-saving glass is more economical." He said. Then he calculated an account: if a 100 square meter house is installed with 40 square meters of energy-saving glass, the cost will increase by 3200 yuan according to the market price of 80 yuan/square meter. Green buildings can save 30% to 50% of energy consumption. According to this ratio, users can save kilowatt hour of electricity every day, saving about 2 yuan of electricity expenses. "According to this energy-saving efficiency, the capital investment in energy-saving buildings can be recovered in less than 5 years." Wuguobin said. Win a bigger market with products

as a "big man" in the energy-saving glass industry, how do developers and home buyers evaluate CSG and its products? At present, developers and property buyers who have used CSG products in Chengdu have surprisingly similar answers - CSG's products are of high quality and cost-effective, and are worthy of being the "leader" of energy-saving glass

although energy-saving glass has many advantages, the market penetration rate of energy-saving glass in China is very low, only one tenth of that in developed countries. Such a data really makes us startled. "The utilization rate of Low-E energy-saving insulating glass in buildings in China is less than 10%, while the penetration rate of energy-saving glass in European and American developed countries is as high as 85%, which is a serious reality." Wuguobin, President of CSG group engineering glass division, said helplessly. He said that as the leader of China's building energy-saving glass industry, CSG has the obligation to make its own contribution to China's building energy conservation. Therefore, CSG began to set foot in the civil residential glass market

most developers have shown great support for energy-saving products of CSG. Zhumeng, general manager of Chengdu Zhixin real estate marketing center, said that the new energy-saving glass products launched by CSG group are good for the energy conservation of the country, as well as for the developers and many ordinary people. It is a move that benefits the country and the people, and the developers should of course support it

according to the investigation, at present, there are not a few developers in Chengdu who have used CSG energy-saving glass products, including Hutchison Whampoa, China Resources, Longhu, China Merchants real estate, CapitaLand and other big brand developers. Mr. Huang, the relevant person in charge of Hutchison Whampoa, attended the new product promotion meeting of CSG, and said that he Huang's use of CSG's products has been widely recognized by buyers, and he will pay attention to and use CSG's new products in the future; The relevant person in charge of Longhu real estate engineering department said that the energy-saving glass product engineering department using CSG was carefully selected and compared. Finally, it was found that CSG was a leading player in the industry regardless of its reputation in the industry or the quality and cost performance of its products. Therefore, CSG chose CSG without hesitation; After the comparison of several energy-saving glass products, China Southern Glass (CSG) has been selected as the main engine of CapitaLand, which is famous for environmental protection and energy saving, and has been used in the current project CapitaLand fashion project

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