Analysis of recent plastic raw material market I

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Recent market analysis of plastic raw materials (I)

stimulated by favorable factors, the price of low-density polyethylene is rising. The Q difficulty of Shanghai Petrochemical is not small. During the 7.5 hydraulic system task, the selling prices of 281, Q200 and N200 have risen to 7300-7400 yuan (ton price, the same below), the market price of 112a-1 produced by Yanshan Petrochemical is 7100 yuan, tn26 produced by Qilu Petrochemical is 7150 yuan, and our company carefully promised 0274 produced by thar and 7200 produced by Singapore, all of which have broken through the 7000 yuan mark. Daqing Petrochemical produces 18D and Maoming Petrochemical has been out of business for a long time. From the perspective of supply, low-density polyethylene resources appear to be a little tight. According to the small and medium-sized sellers, the purchase channels are not smooth, mainly due to the limited supply of petrochemical manufacturers and the large middlemen hoarding more goods. From the perspective of trading, the low-density polyethylene market is enthusiastic. The reason lies in the following two aspects; First, the purchase volume of end users increased significantly; Second, small and medium-sized dealers are active in attracting goods, and there is also a phenomenon of hoarding and reluctant sales. It can also be seen from the recent international market quotation that the price of low-density polyethylene is rising step by step. At present, the quotation of foreign businessmen for China's main port has risen to US dollars, and the price has risen by more than US $40 in just two weeks. Experts in the industry believe that prices are likely to rise. It is this expectation that further stimulates the domestic industry to look high

led by low-density polyethylene, the price of linear low-density polyethylene continued to rise, and the sales price of domestic and imported materials rose synchronously to 6600 ~ 6700 yuan. It is reported that the production of petrochemical production enterprises has reached a climax. Due to the smooth sales, the current inventory level is low, and the largest enterprise is only more than 1000 tons, while the inventory of other manufacturers is about 100. Jilin Petrochemical and other production enterprises originally planned to stop for maintenance, expansion and capacity expansion after April. Due to the relatively hot market, the maintenance time may be postponed. In the Asian market, the quotation of foreign investors for Yuyao China plastic city last week was US $580 (CIF Ningbo, China), up US $20 from the previous week. The strong external market has supported the continuous rise of domestic market prices. According to the analysis of insiders, due to the recent arrival of more imported goods, the tight supply situation will be eased to adjust the working frequency of the experimental machine. Therefore, it is estimated that the future market rise of linear low-density polyethylene will slow down

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