Analysis of recent trend changes in the packaging

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Analysis of recent trends and changes in the packaging industry in three aspects

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core tip: the packaging industry is developing from time to time, and the related packaging information is also paid attention to by the insiders from time to time. How to understand the information and make choices? There are two kinds of ball screws and trapezoidal screws commonly used in the market, It will be an urgent problem to be solved in the packaging industry

[China Packaging News] the packaging industry is developing from time to time, and the related packaging information is always concerned by the insiders. How to understand the information and make choices will be an urgent problem for the packaging industry

industry environment

the concept of environmental protection and functional consumption has led to the emergence of new packaging. The overall development of the industry lags behind the foreign market. The new packaging is based on the traditional packaging and integrates advanced science and technology, so that the traditional packaging has greater innovation in function, design and environmental protection. At present, several new types of packaging with high attention in the industry mainly focus on material innovation and functional innovation. New packaging enterprises and related products have emerged in the markets of developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, and many domestic listed enterprises have begun to produce composite packaging materials. With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements and the expansion of packaging function requirements in the whole packaging industry, new packaging will usher in greater development space

while containing opportunities, the packaging industry is more subject to multiple collisions and impacts from the internal and external environment. The impact of the rise of digital information media on packaging media, the domestic economic development trend, it must also have excellent thermal insulation performance, the slowdown in packaging demand caused by the slowdown, the sharp decline in targeted areas of packaging caused by various green bans, as well as the deadly competition caused by overcapacity in the middle and low-end packaging market, and the own problems of the packaging industry still need to be solved

pay attention to the market

take the recent hot tea market as an example. In the recent tea market, tea bags are becoming thinner and thinner. Easy to carry, easy to keep, easy to control the amount of each brew, consumers particularly favor handy bags or simple bags. In addition, personalized packaging is also particularly eye-catching. In terms of style, tea packaging has also changed from luxurious atmosphere to simple environmental protection, personalized fashion. At several booths of Liubao tea brands, we can see that metal, mahogany, purple sand and nixing ceramics, which were expensive in the past, have been gradually abandoned, and kraft paper, special paper, bamboo, rattan and other materials have become popular at present

in this view, in addition to the batch packaging, private customization of personalized packaging seems to be one of the popular ways


due to the obvious gap between domestic enterprises and some foreign developed companies in the concept of product technology development, domestic scientific research funds and R & D funds are seriously insufficient, which further restricts the improvement of technical level. The lack of high-tech talents is also the reason for restricting technology improvement. Moreover, it is worth noting that the motion control technology of packaging machinery, which is more important in technology, is extremely disappointing compared with foreign countries. The function of motion control products and technology in packaging machinery is to achieve accurate position control and strict speed synchronization requirements, which are mainly used in loading and unloading, transportation, marking, stacking, destacking and other processes. Therefore, it is clear that motion control technology is one of the key factors to distinguish high, medium and low-end packaging machinery. The technical support for the upgrading of packaging machinery has also become a bottleneck in the development of domestic high-end packaging machinery

even for the highly praised carton packaging recently, in terms of technology, the technical level of China's carton packaging machinery is now about 20 years behind that of foreign advanced countries. Product development, performance, quality The control system of reliable Jinan assaying universal tensile testing machine adopts DC servo electromechanical as In the competition of "power source" and service, we are at an obvious disadvantage. In today's international market, carton packaging machinery products are developing towards the polarization direction of multi-function and single high-speed products.

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