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Daily maintenance of European crane

due to the unique design concept, European crane has the following characteristics: light weight, small size, compact structure, low energy consumption. Compared with the traditional lifting equipment, the distance between the lifting weight and the extreme root of the wall is reduced to the minimum, which is closer to the front operation, and increases the actual effective use space of the plant. European crane is a special crane. Beijing Weihua crane introduces the daily maintenance of European crane

European crane

1. European crane operators must have received training and guidance from formal manufacturers, have a full understanding of the structure and performance of the machine, and can obtain certain operation and maintenance experience before operating the machine

2. Pay attention to the workload in the running in period. The workload in the running in period generally cannot exceed 80% of the workload, and 4. Software and hardware: excellent electronic universal testing machine adopts brand computers, which need to arrange suitable workload to prevent overheating caused by long-term continuous operation of the machine

3. We must pay attention to the instructions of each table, and deal with abnormalities in a timely manner. If the cause is not found, troubleshooting is an important task in front of us, and we must stop working

4. Regularly check the quality of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, etc., and pay attention to the sealing of the whole machine. If it is found that there is too much lack in the inspection, pay attention to analyze the reasons, and strengthen the lubrication of each lubricating point at the same time. It is suggested that the lubricating points should be greased every shift during the running in period

5. It is necessary to keep the machine clean and timely adjust the parts and components that comprehensively improve the industrial quality, so as to prevent the loosening from aggravating the wear of parts and components or causing the loss of parts and components

6. At the end of the running in period, the machine should be subject to compulsory maintenance, frequent inspection and adjustment, and attention should also be paid to the replacement of oil. Welcome to inquire about business

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