Daily maintenance, regular maintenance and repair

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The daily maintenance, regular maintenance and repair of hydraulic machinery and equipment

is a regular work, which is the responsibility of the operator on duty to regularly maintain the equipment and clean the dust. Daily maintenance should check the operation condition, make the equipment and environment clean, and lubricate the transmission parts as required

regular maintenance:

it is a phased work. The formulation of this energy and environment development strategy is the responsibility of maintenance personnel, who conduct professional inspection, cleaning, maintenance and testing once or twice a year. The preventive test of electrical equipment (including power cables) can be carried out once a year to three years, the verification of relay protection installation should be carried out once a year, the inspection of grounding installation and grounding resistance measurement should be carried out every spring, and the inspection and test of lightning arrester should be carried out every year. Regular maintenance should regularly inspect the facilities (including patrol inspection), and timely repair or arrange scheduled repair for abnormal conditions. After surface modification treatment, prevent damage or failure of the facilities. Comprehensive mandatory inspection and renovation of relevant facilities should be included in the annual plan every year

water conservancy machinery and equipment repair

major repair:

belongs to the maintenance work of restoring the original technical state of the equipment, which is in the charge of professional maintenance personnel. Major repair (restorative repair) should be planned to comprehensively repair the facilities and repair or replace important components after the facilities have been operated for a long time, so as to restore the facilities to a good technical state, And it shall comply with the following provisions:

⑴ various types of pump equipment can formulate overhaul cycle standards by themselves

⑵ the motor should be overhauled at the same time as the main engine

⑶ the overhaul period of transformer shall be determined after analysis based on the preventive test results over the years. For 35kV and above and expanding its manufacturing plant in Leicester, England, it should be overhauled once after 5 years of operation, and then every 5-10 years; 10kV and below can be overhauled every 10 years or so

⑷ the overhaul cycle of power distribution installation shall be determined according to the defects of the switch and the actual operating conditions. The high-voltage circuit breaker newly put into operation should be overhauled once after one year of operation. Thereafter, 35kV and above circuit breakers should be overhauled once every 5 years, 3-10kV distribution system circuit breakers should be overhauled once every 1-3 years, and 3-10kV starting motor circuit breakers should be overhauled once a year. Break down the brake for 3 times or seriously spray oil and smoke, which should be disassembled for maintenance

(5) the overhaul cycle of high-voltage overhead lines should be determined according to their integrity and whether the electrical and mechanical properties, which account for 6% of the total export of extruders in China, meet the relevant regulations

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