Daily maintenance of the hottest black-and-white l

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Daily maintenance of black-and-white laser

the selenium drum is a delicate part of the laser printer. When the selenium drum encounters strong light, the surface of the photosensitive drum is exposed, and the exposed place can attract toner imaging during the fixing process. Not long ago, but after all, the time and times of exposure of a certain point of the selenium drum are limited, especially the damage to the selenium drum caused by long-term continuous exposure will be severe. Therefore, it is the right direction for Contemporary Chinese youth not to directly expose the toner cartridge to the sun or other strong light sources. When replacing the toner cartridge, it should be completed as soon as possible to avoid being exposed to strong light to obtain more benefits

drum powder integrated structure

drum powder separation structure (non separation state)

drum powder separation structure (separation state)

when the selenium drum is removed from the printer, it should be immediately placed in a packaging box or wrapped with materials with poor light transmittance. The light barrier on the selenium drum is used to block external light to protect the photosensitive surface of the selenium drum, so try not to open the light barrier of the selenium drum. If the temperature of the selenium drum is low during transportation, it should be placed at a suitable temperature for a certain period of time, and then used when the temperature returns to room temperature

in addition, pay attention to regularly clean the paper inlet and outlet channels of the printer to reduce excessive dust entering its interior. If it is not used for a long time, you can also open the machine to clean the selenium drum and its interior, which can reduce the probability of paper jam caused by dust blockage, ensure the normal operation of the internal transmission parts of the printer, and reduce the loss of parts and components

3. Search the lifting rack and each pressure injection oil cup for lubricating oil that is often added

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