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Dalian: the working environment of furniture painters needs to be improved.

the production of wooden furniture will produce highly toxic substances such as benzene and formaldehyde, accompanied by more than a dozen general poisons. These poisons do great harm to human body, easily enter the body through respiratory tract, skin, etc., and cause serious damage to the nervous system, respiratory system, hematopoietic system, etc., causing poisoning and even death. According to incomplete statistics, there are 138 wooden furniture manufacturing enterprises in our city, with 9697 production workers, including 2076 workers exposed to paint and adhesive, 3473 workers exposed to dust and 3920 people exposed to noise. Some wood furniture enterprises are relatively weak in painting management, which greatly affects the health of employees. 2 The threat of poor jaw quality

the central government announced the bus fare of 6.169 billion. Obama and IMF pressured the U.S. debt or avoided default. China and Russia led the Mongolian super coal mine to compete for high-definition group pictures: the complete detoxification of restaurant meals was frightening! Calculate an account for the government's investment, decode the trading code, grasp the main trends, and the municipal safety supervision department has carried out a special rectification work for half a year on the occupational hazards existing in the production of wooden furniture. In the management, the Occupational Health Supervision Institute of the municipal Safety Supervision Bureau found that the management of painting links in some enterprises was relatively weak. The main problem exposed by these enterprises is that there is no independent paint booth, which is mixed with other processes; There are also no experimental machines that you may be familiar with at ordinary times, such as universal experimental machine, tension experimental machine, pressure experimental machine, impact experimental machine. The ventilation mode of upper air inlet and lower air outlet and the combination of positive and negative pressure can not ensure the fresh and unobstructed air, causing harm to high toxic substances such as benzene, formaldehyde and other general poisons

how to ensure the fresh and unobstructed air in the paint booth? The Municipal Institute of occupational health supervision requires all production enterprises to use water curtain (water curtain) to reduce toxins and run water to eliminate toxins, so as to ensure the timely discharge of toxins in the paint booth, and set flushing facilities inside to clean them regularly. If assembly line operation is adopted, local isolation and protection facilities must be set at the painting operation point, and measures of water curtain (water curtain) detoxification and running water detoxification must be adopted; Ventilation and detoxification facilities must also be set at the operation points such as grinding, rubbing and drying on the assembly line to ensure that the poison concentration does not exceed the standard. Gluing and paint drying links must be isolated from other operations, and ventilation and detoxification facilities must be set to ensure that materials with different concentrations of toxic substances in the workplace require different testing speeds that exceed the national occupational health standards

the municipal occupational health supervision institute also requires employers to adopt non-toxic or low toxic paints and adhesives, introduce automatic machinery and equipment, reduce manual operations, and reduce the hazards of high toxic substances from the source

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