Daily maintenance of the match oiler

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Daily maintenance of diesel engine as the power source of tractor, the working performance of diesel engine directly affects the economic performance and power performance of tractor operation

maintenance points:

1. Check the fastening of the diesel engine frame screws and the connections of all parts. When the diesel engine is found to have unstable shimmy, special attention should be paid to the fastening of the diesel engine mounting pad and fixing bolts

2. Cooling system: reduce the production cost by 20%

① check the cooling water volume, and add clean rainwater and river water when it is insufficient

note: when the diesel engine is hot, the water tank cover cannot be opened directly to prevent hot gas from rushing out and scalding people; Well water and spring water cannot be used for cooling water; When the cooling water is dry and overheated, the cooling water should be added after the diesel engine is cooled

② check the tightness of the fan belt (it is appropriate to press the belt with thumb finger for MM deflection)

③ check the different pull ranges of water tanks and pumps, and there is water leakage in water pipes

④ remove the mud and sundries on the surface of the radiator

3. Check the oil level and oil quality, add when it is insufficient, and replace the oil when it deteriorates seriously

points for attention: ① check the oil level, stop the tractor horizontally, and wait five minutes after turning off the engine before checking. Generally, the oil level should be kept between the middle scribed line and the upper scribed line (i.e. more than 1/2). When the oil level is lower than the lower scribed line, it is strictly forbidden to start the diesel engine. When insufficient, add engine oil of the same brand

② check whether there is oil leakage at the oil pan, cover, etc

③ check the quality of the engine oil when the car is hot (the method is to drop the dipstick on your finger to see the colloid composition, rubbing viscosity, and whether it is water sample)

4. Check after operation:

① check whether the smoke color is normal

a. note that the normal exhaust smoke color is colorless or light gray

b. Abnormal: blue smoke is caused by burning engine oil, black smoke is caused by incomplete combustion of diesel oil, light white smoke is caused by water participating in combustion, and thick white smoke is caused by diesel oil being discharged without combustion

② listen to the sound:

the diesel engine must run smoothly without abnormal noise

points for attention: A. It is normal for the diesel engine to have a gentle valve foot sound at medium and low speed. When you hear a sharp "Ta" or "Ta" valve foot sound, it indicates that the clearance is too large and should be adjusted in time

b. there shall be no dull main bearing bush sound and crisp connecting rod bush sound

c. It is normal to have a slight cylinder knock at medium and low speed when the car is hot. No cylinder knock indicates that the oil supply is too late, the cylinder knock is too loud, or it is still obvious at high speed, which may be due to premature oil supply or excessive clearance between the piston and the cylinder liner

d. The exhaust pipe shall not have "sudden" shooting sound

③ the diesel engine must run smoothly. The plastic granulator industry should continuously improve the technical level. When the diesel engine trembles and the speed is abnormal, the fault should be eliminated in time

④ test the throttle to judge the working condition of the diesel engine

a. when accelerating slowly, the speed of the diesel engine should rise evenly, and there should be no feeling of dullness and trembling of the diesel engine

b. During rapid acceleration, the speed of the diesel engine should rise rapidly with a slight cylinder knocking sound, which is normal and the sound of the exhaust pipe is normal

⑤ pay attention to the working temperature of the diesel engine. Overheating and supercooling are not conducive to the normal operation of the diesel engine

⑥ check the water and oil leakage of the diesel engine

⑦ pay attention to whether the indication of each instrument is normal, especially the oil gauge

5. Check the air filter and clean it in time

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