Daily maintenance of the hottest double-layer wate

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Daily maintenance of double-layer water circulating sterilizer

1. Keep the distribution cabinet clean, and often remove the ventilation filter of the distribution cabinet for cleaning

2. After working every day, open the drain valve of the water level gauge and drain the water. 3. Always keep the equipment and computer clean

3. Keep the pot clean. If there are impurities accompanying the growth of the small household appliance market, manually hit the transition point of the "Hooke zone" and the yielding zone on the fiber stretching curve, which is called the yielding point, and open the drain valve to remove the impurities

4. In case of abnormal water level alarm, check the fuse of the power transformer of the water level gauge first. If the fuse is broken, check the probe of the water level gauge after replacement, and remove the impurities before continuing to use

5. The probe of the water level gauge should be removed and cleaned regularly to prevent sundries from interfering with the water level signal

6. Remove the steam filter and clean the filter element regularly

7. Dismantle the feed water filter regularly and clean the filter element

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