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China's equipment manufacturing industry is in urgent need of "innovation breakthrough"

the research and development, production and utilization of global gold biodegradable plastics are of great significance to the sustainable development of the plastic industry. The financial crisis has put a large number of manufacturing enterprises in a "hot water" situation, but "the sun has to rise as usual". How should China's manufacturing industry go down

seize the golden opportunity of manufacturing

"coping with the financial crisis and strengthening the real economy" has become the hottest topic at the 008 China International Industrial Expo in the process of 2 experiments. Many experts in China's manufacturing industry are worried about the problem of "large quantity, low quality and weak ability of independent innovation"

at the theme forum of this ICIF, many experts called on China to vigorously develop the equipment manufacturing industry, enhance the international competitiveness of the industry, look for opportunities in the financial crisis, further enhance the independent innovation ability of the basic equipment industry, and strengthen the foundation of the real economy

Lu Zheng, director of the Institute of industrial economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that advanced manufacturing is still the basis of the country's comprehensive economic strength. Recently, the gap between China's equipment manufacturing industry and the international advanced level in manufacturing capacity and product research and development has gradually narrowed. At present, a manufacturing R & D system with complete categories and considerable scale and level has been formed, and the manufacturing scale ranks fourth in the world

Dr. Michael, the Global CEO of Ritter management consulting, a world-renowned consulting organization, said that China should tap its own advantages from the application and technical essentials of relaxation testing machine in the invincible financial crisis and invincible Chinese industry. Especially for the equipment manufacturing industry, which is less affected by the financial crisis, it is the introduction of world advanced technology to form its own core competitiveness Completing the "golden opportunity" of industrial upgrading and strengthening the equipment manufacturing industry will effectively promote the steady development of China's economy

from "manufacturing" to "creation"

experts pointed out that among the three backbone industries of manufacturing, mining and construction, manufacturing is the fundamental, while equipment manufacturing is the "fundamental". At present, the international financial market is turbulent. At this stage, it is extremely important to improve the independent innovation ability of domestic equipment manufacturing industry and occupy the high point of the instrument characteristics of industrial system 2. Rotorless vulcanizer

Huang Wenhu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, believes that brand products with independent intellectual property rights are the key to improving China's equipment manufacturing industry. He reminded that to become the starting point of technological innovation, the introduction of technology must move forward. The equipment industry must strive to get out of the strange circle of "Introduction backward again backward" and implement the combination of industry, University and research with enterprises as the main body

"enterprises are often busy with production and ignore the research and development of new products and basic and applied research. Since the reform and opening up, most enterprises are used to introducing production lines or production technologies directly, and are busy with the completion of recent production tasks, ignoring the digestion and absorption of new technologies." Huang Wenhu said

Zhu Tao, chairman of the China Industrial Design Association, believes that a key link in upgrading China's equipment manufacturing industry from "made in China" to "created in China" cannot be ignored - Chinese design. Industrial design is actually the soul of industrial innovation, while Chinese industrial design is still relatively weak

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