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Equipment manufacturing enterprises take advantage of policy finance to "sail out to sea"

equipment manufacturing enterprises take advantage of policy finance to "sail out to sea"

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in the process of international capacity cooperation, the equipment manufacturing industry has broad prospects for going global. Some traditional equipment manufacturing enterprises may die in the domestic market, but they can open a way to survive in the international market and achieve multiple wins. However, with the increasingly mature R & D technology of C919, Yun 20, J 20 and other domestic aircraft, some equipment manufacturing enterprises are currently constrained by capital bottlenecks in the process of "going global". To solve this problem, we need to give full play to the "counter cyclical" support role of policy finance

CSR Ziyang Locomotive Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CSR, is an old state-owned enterprise in the traditional manufacturing industry whose main business is the production of diesel locomotives. In recent years, with the rapid development of the railway industry, the locomotive manufacturing industry has a relatively surplus capacity. CSR Ziyang, a former leading enterprise that failed in domestic competition, had a hard time. In order to survive, the enterprise turned to explore the international market

Xiang Jun, chairman of CSR Ziyang, said that from 1973 to 2006, CSR Ziyang's orders mainly came from the Ministry of railways. Since the second half of 2006, CSR Ziyang has lost its qualification to participate in the bidding of locomotive procurement of the Ministry of Railways and can only rely on the overseas market. After arduous market development, in the few years when the national order was zero, CSR Ziyang exported locomotives, accounting for 83.9% of the total output, which successfully entered Turkmenistan, Thailand, Pakistan and other countries with different railway track standards from China, and accumulated equipment manufacturing experience for building the railway artery of the "the Belt and Road"

"for each diesel locomotive exported, the company will purchase more than 100 tons of steel raw materials, more than 2.3 million yuan of motor products, and hundreds of components, which will directly drive the development of China's steel, electronics, mechanical processing, logistics and transportation industries." Xiang Jun said

Xiang Jun said that for CSR Ziyang, whether the list in the overseas market can be won and whether it is competitive enough is often no longer compared with products, but with comprehensive solutions, of which the cost of capital is very critical

thanks to the support of the Export Import Bank of China, a policy oriented financial institution, CSR Ziyang has spent nearly a decade walking out of a development path from losing the wheat city to going overseas, and then taking advantage of the momentum to build up strength through going out, and returning to the domestic market with the support of technological innovation. It has become a traditional state-owned enterprise in an industry with excess production capacity. With the help of capacity cooperation in the international market, it has coordinated the two markets and achieved a successful epitome of secondary entrepreneurship. It is understood that up to now, CSR Ziyang has obtained about 1billion yuan of credit funds from the Export Import Bank of China, with a loan balance of 300million yuan

in fact, equipment manufacturing enterprises in different stages of going global face the problem of capital bottleneck in the process of fastening the fastening screws of the load flange reliably and developing overseas markets. In addition to the initial funding of the project, a large amount of supporting funds are also required for the construction of the after-sales service system in the later stage

as one of the largest private auto enterprises in China, Zhang Lin, vice president of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, also expressed his desire for financial support for going global. He believes that in addition to selling auto products, developing foreign markets, doing a good job in auto finance and extending after-sales service is an indispensable link, and the quality of this link directly determines the quality of auto sales. Economist Zhang qizuo said that "going out" is far from simply selling products, but to provide services throughout the life cycle. In particular, some equipment products need after-sales services to maintain market share

the survey found that some old state-owned enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry have deep accumulation, but they are still in the take-off stage in the process of "made in China" going global. Their financial statements are not good-looking, and some have even been difficult to obtain loans from commercial banks

The guiding opinions of the State Council on promoting international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation issued on the 16th put forward that we should give play to the positive role of policy banks and upper and lower temperature tensile testing machines to re tighten the development financial institutions when they are found to be loose, and strengthen the financing support for International production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation through syndicated loans, export credits, project financing and other means

in this regard, experts suggest that policy financial institutions should play a greater role through different regulatory policies, so that they can further increase the "counter cyclical" support for some traditional manufacturing enterprises, give full play to the guiding role of policy finance, drive all funds, and provide sufficient, efficient and low-cost financial support for equipment and technology to go global

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