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Fujian Quanzhou equipment manufacturing enterprises jointly issued the Quanzhou declaration

Fujian Quanzhou equipment manufacturing enterprises jointly issued the Quanzhou declaration

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recently, Fujian Quanzhou equipment manufacturing industry association successfully held its first member congress. On behalf of the municipal government, Quanzhou vice mayor chencanhui extended congratulations and delivered a speech. Huangguofu, director of the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission, chenzhiwei, deputy investigator of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, and nearly 100 representatives of Quanzhou equipment manufacturing enterprises and scientific research, financial and media institutions attended the meeting. An innovative community organization with high-end equipment manufacturing industry as the main body and professional scientific research, finance and media as the support came into being

Fang Qingxi, chairman of Fujian Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd., was elected as the first chairman. Wang Xiren, chairman of tietuo machinery, and customers of Zhongke will have such concerns before purchasing the experimental machine. Liuhaizhou, director of Quanzhou Equipment Institute of the Institute, Su Yongding, chairman of Shengda Machinery, etc. were elected as the first executive vice chairman. Wang Shirong, chairman of Xinhe new materials Co., Ltd., was elected as the first supervisor who brought confidence to the extruder enterprise

in order to shoulder the history and mission of building Quanzhou's equipment industry brand, at the founding meeting of Quanzhou equipment manufacturing industry association, Fang Qingxi, the newly elected first president, sent a message of perseverance to the whole industry and society on behalf of the members of the association, The declaration of revitalizing Quanzhou equipment manufacturing industry - "we will pursue lean management, regard quality as life, take reliability as the pursuit goal, and improve the scientific and technological content and manufacturing level of major technical equipment; we will adhere to independent innovation, adhere to technological transformation, eliminate backward production capacity, and aim at high-end manufacturing; we will promote energy conservation and emission reduction, based on green manufacturing, and take saving production and cleaner production as conscious actions", etc. as of 2012

according to the person in charge of the Secretariat of the association, this is the first "Quanzhou declaration" of Quanzhou equipment manufacturing industry, which covers quality, technology, integrity, fair competition, industrial chain cooperation and other aspects. It will cooperate with the self discipline convention of the association to protect and promote mutual benefit and common development among the members of the association, enhance the cohesion of the association, and regulate the production and business behavior of members, Promote the transformation from "made in Quanzhou" to "smart made in Quanzhou" and "services in Quanzhou"

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