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The equipment manufacturing industry has become the first trillion industry in Hunan

Xiangtan high tech Zone and Zhuzhou high tech Zone received the "mission of widely using new flame retardant materials in the body" today respectively: the National Standardization Administration Committee and the Ministry of industry and information technology will jointly carry out the National Standardization pilot of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in these two parks. This has further increased the weight of Hunan equipment manufacturing industry in the "national team"

also today, the latest statistical data of the provincial Commission of economy and information technology "came out": in 2015, the equipment manufacturing industry in the province achieved a main business income of 1059.16 billion yuan, an increase of 11% year-on-year, becoming the first trillion industry in our province and the core support of Hunan's industrial development

at present, there are 136 national and provincial enterprise technology centers in the field of equipment manufacturing in Hunan, as well as 5 national new industrialization industry demonstration bases, 9 national innovation demonstration enterprises, and a number of "national" engineering technology centers and key laboratories. Many of the industry standards formulated by Hunan enterprises have become national or international standards. The core technologies and key components of construction machinery, such as oil cylinders and autonomous controllers, realize autonomous production. Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., CRRC Zhuzhou Machinery Co., Ltd., Shidai New Material Co., Ltd. and other enterprises at home and abroad have emerged, and the higher strength and lighter weight generation electric, TBEA, Taifu heavy industry, etc. have also come to the fore, making Hunan equipment manufacturing on five continents around the world

construction machinery will take the lead in rolling up the "Hunan" tide at that time, and other industries of equipment manufacturing will not be left behind. Electrical appliances have jumped to the largest sub industry of equipment manufacturing, and rail transit equipment has become the most competitive landmark industry. In the trillion industry camp, the four sub industries of electrical appliances, engineering machinery, automobiles and parts, and heavy mining machinery have exceeded 100 billion yuan; New energy vehicles, industrial robots, pharmaceutical machinery, shipbuilding, etc. are accelerating to form new support points

what is more gratifying is that the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry in our province has accelerated, and intelligent manufacturing has emerged. Zoomlion has formed a "four industries" pattern of engineering machinery, environmental industry, agricultural machinery and financial services. Sany group is building new businesses such as wind power equipment, marine engineering equipment, PC equipment and residential industrialization. Another 18 projects in the province have been listed in the national major science and technology projects for high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, and 5 projects have been listed in the national major projects for the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment. These projects will lead the future of the equipment manufacturing industry in our province

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