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Equipment enterprises compete for offshore wind power business opportunities

equipment enterprises compete for offshore wind power business opportunities. Experts said that domestic enterprises must make breakthroughs in the development of high-power fans and corrosion prevention technology

the special crane ship for offshore wind power equipment installation of the No. 3 Hangfeng

recently, the national energy administration and the State Oceanic Administration jointly issued the Interim Measures for the administration of offshore wind power development and construction. The industry believes that the introduction of this method will standardize the development of offshore wind power, and this year is expected to be a year of real progress in China's offshore wind power development. This is undoubtedly good news for wind power equipment manufacturers who have long been gearing up. However, if domestic enterprises want to take the lead in the field of offshore wind power equipment, they still need to break through a series of technical barriers

offshore wind power development officially started

it is understood that the Interim Measures for the administration of offshore wind power development and construction stipulates the procedures and requirements for various links such as the preparation of offshore wind power development planning and the authorization of offshore wind power projects. Qinhaiyan, Secretary General of the wind energy professional committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, said that this would standardize the development of offshore wind power and promote the healthy and rapid development of offshore wind power in China

according to the latest statistics of the European Wind Energy Association, the turnover of the European offshore wind industry was about 1.5 billion euros in 2009, which is expected to double to 3billion euros in 2010. In China, although the domestic wind power industry has developed in full swing in recent years, it is still in its infancy in the field of offshore wind power

analysts at Bohai Securities believe that BASF can also save R & D costs. The introduction of the Interim Measures for the administration of offshore wind power development and construction will give wind power equipment enterprises a hint that domestic offshore wind power development will truly progress and the era of offshore wind power will gradually approach. This means a blue ocean market for wind power equipment enterprises

Jiangsu Jiaolong heavy industry group recently developed a jack up offshore wind power installation platform with American enterprises and bought out this technology. The relevant person in charge of the group told China energy news that with the development of offshore wind power, China is willing to help Mongolia to officially start the construction and development of Canadian energy human resources, which will bring great opportunities to equipment manufacturers. It will benefit not only the whole fan manufacturing enterprises, but also the whole industrial chain. For example, the offshore equipment market for offshore wind power installation is also very good

the enclosure layout of equipment enterprises takes the lead

in fact, major wind power equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, such as Sinovel wind power and Goldwind technology at home, Vestas and Siemens at abroad, have begun to layout before the introduction of this policy, and have successively invested heavily in the field of offshore wind power

on February 3, Sinovel wind power successfully generated three 3 MW offshore wind turbines and passed the 240 hour assessment at one time. The 5-megawatt wind turbine project with more advanced technology and larger unit capacity was also started on January 11 and is expected to be completed by the end of this year. At the same time, Sinovel wind power has been established as the national energy offshore wind power technology and equipment research and development center, which will lead the development of offshore wind power technology at the technical level

as another leader in the domestic wind power field, which keeps pace with Sinovel wind power, Goldwind technology's offshore wind power industry base in Dafeng, Jiangsu Province is expected to be completed and put into operation in October this year. At that time, it will have an annual production capacity of 300 megawatt wind turbines. It is said that through years of efforts, the offshore wind power industry base of Goldwind technology will form a complete industrial chain of R & D, manufacturing and assembly, reach the annual production capacity of megawatt level complete machine, and build a domestic first-class and world-leading offshore wind power equipment manufacturing base. Zhou Tong, Executive Consultant of the chairman of Goldwind technology and director of strategy and global development, said that Goldwind technology will focus on the research and development of offshore turbines in the next step, and will launch high-capacity offshore turbines in 2012

in addition, Shanghai Electric has also made great strides into the offshore wind turbine market; Xiangdian wind energy Co., Ltd. cooperates with British GH company to carry out the research and development of 3 MW offshore wind turbines

at the same time, it is easy for foreign wind power giants to covet China's offshore wind power market. In order to enter China's offshore wind power market, Denmark Vestas strengthened market research depth and market development efforts, and established an offshore wind power office, which is specially responsible for the development of China's offshore wind power business. Dr. Bernard, global president of Siemens offshore wind power in Germany, and his delegation also expressed their willingness to build Weihai into one of the most important offshore wind power equipment bases in China when they visited Weihai, Shandong Province a few days ago

domestic enterprises need to break through many bottlenecks

it is understood that offshore wind power generation is divided into two ways, namely, the bottom type in shallow water and the floating type in deep sea. At present, bottom mounted offshore wind power generation has been commercialized in some parts of Europe, while deep-sea floating bodies have been used for offshore wind power generation as early as the beginning of the year, and there is no precedent. Offshore wind power development is a new thing in the world, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for domestic enterprises

although the development prospect of offshore wind power is very good, its development difficulty is much greater than that of onshore wind power. Technically speaking, offshore wind power generation technology is about 10 years behind onshore wind power generation, and the cost is also times higher. The development of offshore wind farms puts forward higher requirements for large capacity wind turbines. At present, foreign enterprises have begun to design and manufacture megawatt wind turbines, and are developing towards offshore dedicated fans, while the maximum single unit capacity of domestic fans is only 3 megawatts, and there is no dedicated offshore fans

according to qihesheng, Secretary General of the wind energy equipment branch of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, in addition to designing and manufacturing wind turbines according to offshore characteristics, foreign countries have also developed special offshore wind resource testing equipment, offshore wind turbine installation platforms and offshore wind turbine installation transportation ships, which have promoted the development of offshore wind power technology. He said that the start of China's offshore wind power development has brought opportunities to domestic equipment enterprises, but breakthroughs must be made in the development of applicable wind turbine units, installation, transportation and other equipment in order to take the lead in the market

in addition to breaking through the bottleneck of developing high-power fans, domestic enterprises should also step up the research and development of new technologies that can realize the corrosion prevention of offshore wind power equipment. Due to the high salt content in the sea, the corrosion of equipment is quite serious. The special geographical environment and technical requirements of offshore wind turbines also make the maintenance cost extremely high. Qu Zheng, deputy director of Qingdao Institute of marine corrosion, general iron and Steel Research Institute, said that the lower supporting platform of offshore wind turbines is a reinforced concrete structure, and the anti-corrosion work focuses on the protection of steel corrosion; The part above the sea surface is mainly corroded by salt fog, marine atmosphere and spray splash. Therefore, the corrosion prevention of offshore wind turbines is relatively complex and needs to be targeted

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