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Equipment "going out" to create a new "business card"

"going out", she said that "good voices" are frequent

last year, the output value of the equipment manufacturing industry exceeded 20 trillion yuan, accounting for 1/3 of the world

on April 13, AVIC acquired Ailian, which will provide a package solution from parts procurement to integrated services for global aircraft manufacturers

on April 15, CSR acquired Britain's SMD company, the world's second largest supplier of deep-sea robots. China's rail equipment giant dived into the sea from the land

on April 28, China Railway Construction signed a contract with the Nigerian government for the inter city railway project in negon state. All the projects adopt Chinese standards...

Chinese equipment "goes global" and "good voices" are heard frequently

"the new leap of 'going out' of Chinese equipment is exciting." Li Yi, President of the China Federation of industrial economics, was deeply touched

there was a time when people immediately thought of "stupid big black thick" when talking about major equipment. From the late 1990s to the beginning of this century, many equipment projects in China encountered difficulties, and they could not produce proud products, let alone international competitiveness. Deepening reform and committed to innovation, Chinese equipment enterprises have persevered all the way and finally ushered in the harvest season. In 2014, the output value of the equipment manufacturing industry exceeded 20trillion yuan, accounting for 1/3 of the world's total, ranking first in the world. A large number of major technical equipment such as million kilowatt nuclear power units and million kilowatt hydropower units have been developed and applied in the market, and high-speed rail and 4G communication have a high reputation in the world

with the improvement of competitiveness, the pace of "going global" of Chinese equipment is more stable. In 2014, the export volume of China's equipment manufacturing industry reached 6.8 trillion yuan, accounting for 56.8% of all industrial product exports. 110 MW wind power has opened the Swedish market, railway equipment has entered the U.S. subway market, and yun12 aircraft has been exported to the United States... A number of high-end equipment have successfully developed the markets of developed countries in Europe and the United States

equipment "going out" is no longer just selling products. The number of "going out" projects supporting the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain driven by general contracting and construction assistance projects is increasing. Many engineering machinery, power generation equipment, aviation manufacturing and other enterprises have developed into industry leaders by acquiring well-known foreign companies and establishing overseas industrial parks, with global layout

today, China's equipment has accelerated its "going global" and is more confident

"China's equipment 'going global' has many advantages." The relevant person in charge of the equipment department of the Ministry of industry and information technology said that first, China is the largest manufacturing country in the world. After years of accumulation, the equipment manufacturing industry has formed a relatively sound modern industrial system and has a relatively complete system integration capability. Second, China's equipment has gained market support in the construction of domestic infrastructure such as bridges and roads, so the potential energy lost by the pendulum impact test piece is gh1-gh2, which has strong international competitiveness. Third, Chinese equipment has obvious advantages in price, quality, general contracting period and maintenance services, with high cost performance. Fourth, the internationalization of Chinese enterprises is improving, and a large number of branches and R & D centers have been established abroad, which can better grasp the business opportunities in the international market and adapt to the market environment of different countries. "China is already the third largest foreign investor in the world. The increase in foreign investment and the promotion of the 'the Belt and Road' strategy will inevitably drive more equipment to 'go global'." The person in charge said

"going out", mutual benefit and win-win

can not only expand China's development space, but also help cooperative countries speed up development.

"China's large equipment enterprises' going out 'and participating in international competition are not only the needs of effectively enhancing China's comparative advantage and improving the level of open economic development, but also the needs of enterprises to develop into multinational companies with international competitiveness." Huang Danhua, deputy director of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, said

in the overall design and layout of some major equipment projects in China, the focus is not only on the domestic market, but also hopes to occupy a place in the world. In particular, the development goal of equipment central enterprises has always been to carry out international operations and build first-class multinational companies. To become a multinational company with international competitiveness, enterprises must "go out", strive for projects and expand the market internationally, and make the services and standards accompanied by equipment "go out" synchronously

"China's equipment 'going global' will promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and help create new export advantages." Zuo Shiquan, director of the Equipment Industry Research Institute of CCID think tank, said. He said that competing with established equipment enterprises in the international market will directly put pressure on Chinese enterprises to improve their technology and quality, and then improve the overall competitiveness of the equipment industry. At present, the comparative advantage of China's export is changing, the costs of labor and financing are rising, and the advantages of some traditional processing industries are weakening. The equipment manufacturing industry is expected to become an important growth point of China's export

"equipment 'going global' and international production capacity cooperation can not only expand China's development space, but also help cooperative countries accelerate development." Lian Weiliang, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, said

at present, not only developing countries, including some countries in central and Eastern Europe, have great room for improvement in infrastructure, and even some developed countries are facing aging problems in infrastructure. Chinese enterprises have mature experience and technology in infrastructure construction. Construction machinery and other equipment are of high quality and cost-effective. They have strong scale and technical advantages and are welcomed in many countries. Going global and carrying out international cooperation can not only help the economy of the host country take off, but also serve the global economic and trade interconnection. More importantly, Chinese equipment has taken the lead in some high-end fields. China's high-speed rail, nuclear power and other equipment are advanced in technology. Many countries have such needs, and "going out" can be a win-win situation

the good momentum of cooperation win-win has initially emerged. According to the data released by the national development and Reform Commission at the end of April, since last year, China and Kazakhstan have conducted in-depth docking in the industrial fields of steel and chemical industry, machinery, nonferrous metals with strong interaction between starch macromolecules, and 28 projects have been signed, with a total investment of more than 23billion US dollars, forming a good demonstration effect

"going out" also needs to go well

China's economy is moving towards the middle and high end, and we can't stop at "800 million shirts for a plane"

"convey a word to Chinese Enterprises: you should try your best!" Premier Li Keqiang, who recommended Chinese equipment to the outside world, entrusted the equipment enterprises with a message

there is no doubt about the overall strength of China's equipment, but to go well while "going global", we also need to strengthen our bodies and exercise our internal skills

Chinese equipment should be in the high-end "chorus"

what do you rely on to compete with your opponents when major equipment goes abroad? At present, one of the major advantages is still low price and high cost performance. It's not easy to do this. However, if China's equipment wants to have greater influence in the future, it must enter the high-end market more and show its skills in the high-end links of the industrial chain. "High end equipment such as high-speed rail and 4G still account for a relatively low proportion of all equipment manufacturing industries in China. There are also some medium and high-end equipment industries that still rely on others for a few key components. Even many hydraulic, electronic control and speed change components in construction machinery still need to be imported. Chinese equipment enterprises still need to work hard to improve the technological content, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and then improve the added value, so as to draw a smile curve." Zuo Shiquan said

Chinese equipment should build more world-class brands

in today's economic globalization, the number of internationally renowned brands is an important symbol to measure a country's economic strength. The level of brand awareness and reputation also affects the difficulty of enterprises in developing new markets. There are few famous equipment industry brands in China, such as GE in the United States and Siemens in Germany. Huawei, CSR and other enterprises are just beginning to build international brands. Relevant experts believe that while "going global", Chinese equipment enterprises must vigorously promote brand building, improve the gold content of brands, and form a number of international brands with high technology content and good product quality as soon as possible

China's equipment should improve its international operation level

more equipment "going out" means that more Chinese enterprises grow into multinational companies. "To go global, we should also realize transformation and upgrading, build a collaborative industrial chain between upstream and downstream, and unite to go global. Enterprises should change from products' going global 'to the combination of industrial technology, services and capital' going global ', and from comparative competitive advantages such as price to comprehensive competitive advantages such as technology, brand, quality and service." Huang Danhua said. In her view, Chinese enterprises should learn more about their international business philosophy and better master and apply the rules of the international market in the cooperation and competition with multinational companies. Enterprises should also mention that the spacing between the two plates of the electromagnetic clutch is 1 (2) mm in order to improve the risk prevention ability of international operation, fulfill the social responsibility, improve the localization rate, and establish a negative international image of Chinese enterprises

this year's government work report pointed out that we should speed up the implementation of the "going global" strategy and promote Chinese equipment such as railways, electricity and communications to the world. China's economy is moving towards the middle and high end, and we cannot stop at "800 million shirts for a plane". The "going out" of major equipment is an important opportunity to create new pillars and expand new space

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