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Equipment innovation promotes the gradual automation of the packaging industry (Part 2)

the m410ib/160 robot with 4 axes is one of the servo driven m420ib series robots of FANUC robotics, which is mainly responsible for the stacking function of packaging bags. Standard robot software packages such as pallettool and palletpro can provide functions such as palletizing setup, simulation and operation. Compared with other similar robots, the m-410ib robot can speed up the production cycle and has higher load capacity. It can handle 100 kg bags at a speed of 28 times/minute. The maximum contact range of m-410ib can reach 3143mm, which is reported to allow it to serve multiple production lines at the same time

automation of manual operation

the six digit distribution system manufactured by multi fill company (Booth No.: c-2928) can automate the links that are usually manual operations. It can put small-size or difficult to fill products (such as cooked rice and macaroni, vegetables, fruits, refrigerated salad, etc.) into trays, cups or shaped bags on multiple lines of molding/filling/sealing or filling/sealing production lines, The speed is about 80 packets/minute. If it is operated manually, "this repetition may cause reliability and health problems," said Christine marchadour, vice president of international marketing at multi fill. With almost no moving parts, this equipment can be easily cleaned with minimal maintenance. There are also two, three or four digit distribution systems

in order to maximize the production time of forklift operators, automatic technology is increasingly used in the stretch packaging process. The spectrum II rotary stretch packaging machine launched by Orion packaging systems maximizes flexibility and reliability while minimizing maintenance. The stacking size of its packaging can reach 55 × fifty-five × 90 inches (about 140 × one hundred and forty × 227cm - editor), the load weight can reach 5000 pounds (about 2268 kg - editor), and the packaging speed is 45 stacks/hour. Spectrum II features a digital variable frequency drive driven by a brushless AC motor, which requires less maintenance than a DC motor. In addition, the automatic chain tensioning system can eliminate the regular adjustment operation of the rotating drive chain. Other features include an Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000 programmable logic controller, easy to control industrial buttons and switches, and a closed design that protects motors, transmissions, and electronic components from damage. The insta thread pre stretching frame can speed up the replacement operation of the film roll. At the same time, the utilization efficiency of the film can be maximized through 260% pre stretching. The insta cut function can automatically cut the film after each stretch packaging, so that the forklift operator does not have to get off the car and cut it manually

automatic quality control

the demand for automatic detection is also growing. One reason is the reduction in the number of on-line monitoring personnel. Another reason is the increase in the demand for 100% assurance of no packaging errors, especially in industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, which are strictly controlled by the orderly operation of all production lines. Legislators began to think that intermittent off-line detection is far from enough

banner Engineering (Booth No.: c-3807) has been expanding its presenceplus P4 visual sensor series to meet the needs of various tests, such as label detection, liquid level detection, date/batch number verification, direction confirmation, cover detection, cork alignment detection, assembly verification, whole box detection, syringe assembly verification, related policies on "1035" new materials, future healthy development and blister packaging verification, etc. Equipment manufacturers can install this compact vision sensor with a high-resolution camera on new equipment, but some adjustments need to be made to the new equipment in order to perform new detection functions. "In the pharmaceutical industry, testing is more important, but the scope of application of our products is wider than this." Bob schlicksub, vice president of international sales, said, "ease of use has been greatly improved, but the cost has decreased a lot." The modular design also enables this kind of visual sensor to complete a variety of detection tasks at the same time

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