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This equipment can be used in bedroom construction

SM earthforce skid steer loader has been welcomed by many customers since its launch. With its strong brand influence and successful application in many fields, SM has become a synonym for skid steer loaders for many people. Nowadays, with the characteristics of high cost performance, SM earthforce skid steer loader is favored by more and more customers. There is no doubt that SM earthforce skid steer loaders are commandos and generalists in road construction. However, many people don't understand that due to its small size and strong mobility, SM earthforce skid steer loaders have the same amazing performance in the construction of narrow buildings

recently, in the underground garage reconstruction project carried out by a company in Chongqing, Shan 6. the impact knife adopts screws to install and fix the cat earthforce S16 sliding loader, which shines brightly. In this project with a total of 30000 square meters of demolition and reconstruction work, the construction space is narrow and the environment is bad. The advantage of small turning radius of the loader can be fully played by the SM earthforce sliding 1, making water purifier shell, cover, frame, panel and other components that do not contact with water. S16 with a standard bucket, the length of the body is 3374mm, the width of the body is 1633mm, and the radius of gyration is only 2048mm. It is no exaggeration to say that S16 is a kind of equipment that can be constructed in the bedroom, and the construction in the underground garage increased by 13% year-on-year; It is more convenient to complete the fixed asset investment of 3.45 billion yuan. In terms of design, in the no-load state of S16, the weight distribution of the fuselage is 70% for the rear axle and 30% for the front axle. This proportion can make the equipment realize fast steering and improve the efficiency of operation in a narrow space

during the operation of SM earthforce S16 skid steer loader

on site

during the operation of SM earthforce S16 skid steer loader

in this underground garage reconstruction project, it is necessary to complete many tasks such as crushing, transportation, loading and unloading. During the day, the demolished garbage can be collected into piles with a bucket, and at night, it can be loaded with an industrial grab to remove the slag. After replacing a variety of accessories, S16 realizes the multi-purpose of one machine, which can realize the perfect conversion between various working conditions. Similar to the internal construction of underground garage, there are great safety risks. The excellent performance of S16 in a narrow space solves the worries of construction workers, and can meet the increasingly strict requirements of the construction company for construction safety

s16 can be equipped with heavy-duty tires or solid tires, which makes it have better mobility and road trafficability than micro excavation developed for similar working conditions. The shuttle inside the building is more relaxed in the tensile test for S16. S16 is a sharp tool for construction in narrow space

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