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Equipment manufacturing industry "going out": Polish China's new "business card"

equipment manufacturing industry "going out but can't do deep processing in other places": Polish China's new "business card"

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recently, the executive meeting of the State Council proposed to promote the "going out" of China's major equipment and advantageous production capacity to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. From the perspective of domestic industrial development, equipment dominated by high-speed rail and nuclear power has a competitive advantage of high cost performance in the international market. Promoting Chinese equipment to the international market and optimizing the structure of foreign trade can not only promote the transformation and upgrading of domestic industries, but also be of great significance to building a new pattern of mutual benefit and win-win results

1. Whether the equipment industry can become a new "business card" made in China

in October 2014, the Massachusetts Transportation Authority officially approved the purchase of 284 subway vehicles from CNR to equip the Boston Red Line and orange line subway, and Chinese rail transit equipment enterprises successfully landed in the United States for the first time. On February 4 this year, the governments of China and Argentina signed the agreement on cooperation in the construction of pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants in Argentina. China's independently developed third-generation nuclear power "hualong-1" was successfully exported to Latin America and will land in Argentina

since the second half of 2014, the executive meeting of the State Council has discussed and deployed several times to speed up the "going out" of Chinese equipment such as railway, nuclear power and building materials production lines. A series of encouragement and support policies have been issued, and some initial exploration projects have been launched one after another. Up to now, the nuclear power cooperation between China and Pakistan has undertaken to build six pressurized water reactor nuclear power units with a total installed capacity of 3.4 million KW; The layout of Chinese nuclear power enterprises in Canada, Britain, Romania and other places has also achieved initial results

similarly, China's high-speed rail has accelerated its pace of going abroad. It is understood that China exported a total of 26.77 billion yuan of railway equipment in 2014, an increase of 22.6% over the previous year. In terms of major markets, ASEAN, Argentina, Australia and the United States ranked among the top four in China's railway equipment exports, with exports of 3.84 billion yuan, 3.45 billion yuan, 3.35 billion yuan and 3.17 billion yuan respectively, of which exports to ASEAN increased by 1.2 times

The executive meeting of the State Council on January 28 pointed out that it is necessary to vigorously explore the international market for major equipment such as railway and nuclear power, integrate industry resources, innovate the mode of foreign cooperation, explore joint ventures, public-private partnerships and other investment and operation methods, provide all-round services such as engineering design consulting, construction, equipment supply, operation and maintenance for countries in need, and develop third-party markets through international cooperation

China's "the Belt and Road" strategy provides a broad market space for Chinese equipment such as high-speed rail and nuclear power to "go global". It is understood that the "the Belt and Road" is the most urgently needed area for the development of rail transit in the world. A total of 9 high-speed rail projects are planned or under construction in the region, in addition to 22 cross-border railway, ordinary railway and subway projects are planned or under construction. As a high-end technology manufacturing industry, the nuclear power industry has also become an important focus of the "the Belt and Road" strategy

experts generally believe that for a long time, Chinese enterprises abroad ldquo; Intelligent organism rdquo; That is, the intelligent enterprise operation ecosystem has always been in a surplus position in terms of trade. However, the export structure is not reasonable. The main force of export has remained in low value-added products such as textiles for a long time, and made in China has been labeled as low-end and cheap in the international market

the air gap between the electromagnet and the armature can be adjusted by encouraging him to give you a cushion. However, the situation has changed now. "China is changing from a 'world factory' to an investment exporting country." Economist songqinghui said, "China's equipment manufacturing industry, represented by high-speed rail and nuclear power, has won international recognition with its advantages of high quality and low price, and has become a new 'business card' made in China."

2. How to prevent risks in the construction of overseas projects

at the end of 2014, an international consortium composed of China Railway Construction and CSR won the bid for the high-speed rail project from Mexico City to cretaro. The project was cancelled three days after winning the bid. In February this year, Mexico announced that the bidding for the newly restarted high-speed rail project was "indefinitely" shelved

it is generally believed that the lack of passenger flow makes it difficult to recover costs and the fluctuation of oil prices, which is an important reason for the withdrawal of Mexico's high-speed rail project. For the Saudi Mecca light rail project, China Railway Construction Corporation said that it was greatly affected by the politics, economy, policies, laws and other factors of the country where the project is located, and underestimated the difficulty of demolition, and the changes of various factors led to increased costs. The experience of these projects is worth learning and Thinking: it is necessary to conduct a rational feasibility analysis, strengthen the supervision of overseas investment, standardize the business order of enterprises, and establish and improve the risk assessment and emergency response mechanism

"the state should focus on promoting the 'going out' of high-speed rail, but also pay more attention to risk prevention and control." Wang Xiaotao, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, pointed out that even domestic investment also has technical and economic risks. In addition to these two risks, there are also some risks such as policy instability and political changes in "going global" projects

other overseas projects of Chinese enterprises also face many problems. For example, due to the long journey, the maintenance of Chinese equipment may cost a huge amount of money; For another example, due to the lack of language, the words on the equipment and drawings cannot be understood by foreigners, the communication between the two sides is hindered, and even the local labor force is facing difficulties in entering the project. Moreover, the requirements and laws and regulations of the destination country on environmental protection, labor conditions and other aspects need to be deeply understood

in this regard, enterprises should strengthen their own enterprises in line with the concept of being responsible for consumers. Wang Xiaotao said that Chinese enterprises "going out" should not only expand their own development space, but also fully consider the actual needs of the economic and industrial development of the host country, focus on improving the industrial development capacity of the relevant countries, increase local employment, improve the supply level of local products, and promote the long-term sustainable development of the relevant countries

Cao Gang, deputy inspector of the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, believes that improving support policies and supporting financial security are the key to risk prevention and control. "We can establish a government enterprise bank cooperation mechanism and innovate development ideas. Banks and enterprises should become a community of interests and form a group army of 'industry + Finance + service'." He said

in the opinions on strengthening financing support for major technical equipment issued in early January this year, it was clearly stated that financial products and financing service models would be innovated to provide diversified and personalized financing services for enterprises and support product exports and enterprises' going global

Wang Xiaotao said that in accordance with market principles, we should broaden the channels for the use of foreign exchange reserves, support enterprises to raise funds by issuing stocks or bonds at home and abroad, play the role of policy financial instruments, and provide reasonable financing facilities for the "going out" of major equipment and advantageous production capacity

3. How to promote common economic development

in 2014, the export of China's entire equipment manufacturing industry was 2.1 trillion yuan, accounting for 17% of the country's total export revenue, including power, communications, petrochemical, mining, aviation and other industries. The export of large complete sets of equipment grew rapidly. China's 600000 kW coal-fired generating units have become the main model for export. 68% of Huawei's sales revenue comes from overseas markets. In addition, overseas investment in construction machinery, automobiles and other fields has also made positive progress

at present, Chinese enterprises have built production lines of steel, cement, glass, printing and dyeing, knitting, automobile and other products in developing countries in Asia and Africa, opening up new markets and increasing local production capacity. For example, automobile enterprises such as Chery have built complete vehicle or parts production lines overseas, and the scale of overseas businesses such as XCMG group and Sany Heavy Industry has also continued to expand

experts believe that on the issue of international production capacity cooperation, we should focus on industries with large industrial scale, high technical level and certain advantages, such as steel, nonferrous metals, cement, glass, automobile, light textile, etc. At the same time, we should promote upstream and downstream cooperation in the industrial chain, support enterprises to support the coordinated development of upstream and downstream facilities in countries where conditions permit, and increase the local added value of products

globally, a new round of infrastructure construction and international production capacity cooperation is on the rise, and has gradually become an important measure for many countries to promote economic development, reduce poverty and improve people's livelihood. In fact, this also provides an important opportunity for China's equipment manufacturing industry to "go global"

with the continuous development of transnational cooperation projects, how to reasonably connect with the target countries has become the focus of attention. Considering the local economic situation and political and cultural environment of the host country, we should not only give full play to our own advantages, but also pay attention to localization, explore a variety of business cooperation modes, and actively integrate into the local society

Wang Xiaotao pointed out that to adhere to the concept of mutual benefit, win-win results and common development, we need to fully consider the economic situation, practical needs and the actual situation of technical standards of the host country. We should not only be independent and actively explore the international market, but also consider forming a consortium with relevant countries to jointly participate in overseas railway projects. At the same time, we should also learn from multinational business experience and improve our ability to participate in international market competitiveness

at the same time, "going global" can not only contribute to local economic development, but also promote the adjustment of China's economic structure. Zhangxiangchen, Assistant Minister of Commerce, believes that China's power equipment, communication equipment, ships and high-speed rail have demand and market in many countries, while the growth of domestic market demand is slowing down. "From the perspective of the global market, promoting the 'going out' of China's equipment manufacturing industry has not only facilitated these countries, but also provided new ideas for our country's industrial structure adjustment."

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