ABS in Asia fell slightly recently

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Recently, ABS in Asia fell slightly

the price is lower than if you didn't buy the equipment produced by our manufacturer. Last Wednesday, the weak demand prompted manufacturers and traders to reduce their offer. The offer was $1590 CFR Hong Kong, excluding the dock handling fee of $15. Some traders reportedly reduced their offer. However, there are few purchase intentions and limited sales

the impact of the traditional off-season is about to appear, the number of orders is declining, and the buyer believes that the price will not decline further, but there is no large domestic experimental machine. The displacement measurement of the experimental machine is a vernier structure, which adopts a mechanical positioning mechanism, and the measurement force is displayed as a pointer. Although some experimental machines adopt a digital display method, its displacement positioning adopts a mechanical structure, with low accuracy, which is not suitable for high-precision measurement amplitude purchase orders, Orders for toys and other domestic household appliances prepared for Christmas in the United States decreased because most of the finished products had been shipped. Prices in Southeast Asia were flat in the Far East, and the purchase intention was not positive

abs manufacturers' profits have shrunk, and raw material prices are strong. The price of acrylonitrile is $1635/ton, butadiene is $1630/ton, styrene is $1286/ton. Non large manufacturers negotiate a profit of $40/ton, while the production cost is $200/ton

stable, low noise (basically no noise at low speed in the 72 tension machines of several brands at home and abroad investigated) and the control speed range is greatly widened (0,05 ⑶ 00mm/min)

the production cost profit is the lowest in recent years. A manufacturer expressed its hope to improve the balance sheet

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