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Anyang County's equipment manufacturing industry has become a new bright spot of development.

If Anyang doesn't know the installation of relaxation testing machine, the materials we use in the county's equipment manufacturing industry are also different.

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on July 25, the author found in the industrial agglomeration area of Anyang county that relying on the advantages of local steel resources, Anyang County vigorously develops the equipment manufacturing industry, A number of equipment manufacturing enterprises led by Longchang auto parts, Tongbao casting and other companies have been preliminarily established. The transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises has become a new highlight of the industrial economic development of the county

"Yuanda Kejian is a green, environmental friendly and energy-saving sustainable construction project we have newly introduced. It can not only digest the local steel production capacity, but also extend the industrial chain, but also provide strong support for industrial transformation and upgrading. The market prospect is very broad." A responsible comrade of the cluster told the author

at present, there are 137 enterprises in the county, of which 33 are limited, and the products include more than 100 varieties, such as cast pipes, auto parts, railway parts, ductile iron castings, forgings, cement mills, hoists, mining machinery, etc., said the relevant person in charge of Anyang County Bureau of industry and information technology

while developing the equipment manufacturing industry, Anyang County actively encourages enterprises to enhance their independent innovation ability, speed up the elimination of backward process equipment, speed up the upgrading of products through the upgrading of process equipment, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, comprehensively enhance industrial competitiveness, and strive to promote the leapfrog development of equipment manufacturing industry from weak to strong

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