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Many problems in promoting environmental protection bags need to work together to solve green consumption

yesterday was world environment day. The activity of "eliminating white pollution, advocating green consumption and building a green home" initiated by this newspaper was held in Hangzhou Dongshan farmers' market. Prior to this, the continuous reports on environmental protection bags have attracted the attention of all parties in the society. This on-site activity has also been strongly supported by the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, the West Lake District Commerce and Tourism Bureau, as well as relevant markets and enterprises

to the surprise of all parties, a "episode" full of gunpowder was staged at the event site: several angry stall owners loudly "complained" about all kinds of environmental protection plastic bags...

once again, the small environmental protection bags reflect the test of the balance of interests faced by the environmental protection industry in production, circulation, consumption and other links

as one of the earliest markets in Hangzhou to promote the use of environmental protection bags, in Dongshan farmers' market, some operators admit that the use of environmental protection bags will benefit future generations, but it involves vital interests. They hope that the price of bags will be lower

market managers also reported that, Different types of environmental protection bags (be careful not to touch that the active pointer is complete enough, like the bag containing watermelon. In addition, corn flour is added to the environmental protection bag, which is less firm, which also makes some operators reluctant to use the environmental protection bag.

Hangzhou Maoda biochemical environment Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of the environmental protection bag, said it would further improve its products and reduce costs. At the same time, the enterprise also revealed its difficulties. Since last year, the international crude oil price Georgia may also have carbon fiber reinforced polymers that are more convenient to regenerate. They hope the government can "help" financially

people from Hangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau also believe that although some mandatory measures have been taken to prevent and control "white pollution", the economic support policies for producers and users of degradable plastic packaging are still blank

the proprietress of an aquatic stall told me that a large bag costs more than 30 cents, so it's a little reluctant to give it to customers for free. Due to the rising cost, many operators began to "recycle" environmental protection bags for reuse

an environmental protection volunteer who has specially investigated the problem of plastic bags told that Hangzhou's 6 million people consume 800 tons of non degradable plastic bags every month. These plastic bags can not be degraded in the natural environment after a hundred years

the volunteer (6) according to the sample, everyone should establish the awareness of paying "environmental cost" for plastic bag consumption. It is suggested that measures such as charging for the use of environmental protection plastic bags and financial subsidies can be taken to speed up the promotion of environmental protection bags

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