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The wood packaging of exported stone materials should be affixed with IPPC logo

Xiamen inspection and Quarantine Bureau revealed that not long ago, Germany successively destroyed 233 wood packaging of 7 batches of goods exported from Xiamen port, involving 15 containers of stone materials exported from 5 enterprises. After verification, these wooden packages are not labeled with IPPC logo according to the requirements of No. 15 code of IPPC International Plant Protection Convention. Xiamen inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that in order to reduce unnecessary losses of enterprises and maintain the integrity image of Xiamen port, stone export enterprises must strengthen industry self-discipline, implement wood packaging quarantine laws and regulations to the letter, and stick IPPC marks as required to avoid re ignition. According to an Eastman draft, it is "body"

the person in charge of Xiamen inspection and quarantine department told that four of the five enterprises involved were local stone export enterprises in Xiamen. These four enterprises have participated in the publicity and implementation meeting of the quarantine policy of export wood 3 and short strike experimental packaging last year, which shows that the enterprises are clear about the national policy that the wood packaging of goods exported to the EU should be subject to quarantine and disinfestation treatment and affixed with IPPC logo after passing the inspection. Since all enterprises know this regulation, why don't they act in accordance with it? After investigation, Xiamen inspection and Quarantine Bureau found that there are three reasons why these enterprises did not carry out quarantine and disinfestation treatment and affix IPPC logo when exporting: first, some export enterprises still have a wrong consciousness that wood packaging has little to do with goods trade, which is a small problem, as long as the importer approves it. Second, some importers do not know enough about the law enforcement intensity in Germany and think that "there is no enforcement in Germany", and even emphasize to our export enterprises that there is no need to eliminate pests due to cost problems. Third, the import and export sides have not negotiated on the handling costs, and there is a mentality of doing while watching

although the excellent thermal conductivity of titanium skull plate will make patients feel pain and discomfort, the direct economic loss suffered by the five export enterprises in the case is only 4500 euros, and the loss is not too great. However, it is worth noting that in the future, when the goods of the above enterprises are imported into Germany, the proportion of random inspection may be increased and the inspection intensity may be strengthened. On the other hand, for China's export goods, the speed of customs clearance may slow down due to the non-standard behavior of some enterprises, and even some goods may be suspended from import, self-discipline or rectification. Xiamen inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that if this problem is not effectively stopped, it will have a bad impact. At that time, it will not be the economic losses of individual enterprises, but may affect the foreign trade of a certain industry, a certain port and even the whole country. Therefore, it is essential to paste IPPC logo on the export stone packaging

Pang Jin, Dongdu Office of Xiamen inspection and Quarantine Bureau: adding this logo to the wooden packaging is to prove that the batch of wooden packaging has been subjected to pest control treatment under the supervision of our inspection and Quarantine Bureau before export, which proves that it has passed the treatment, so that it will not be destroyed in the other country and will pass the customs smoothly

source: Xiamen Radio and Television Group

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