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As a developing country with a population of more than 1.2 billion, its economic scale ranks seventh in the world, its foreign trade ranks ninth in the world, and it has attracted the most foreign investment for seven consecutive years, China's continuous development is an indispensable part of the development of economic globalization. At the same time, China's accession to the WTO, It will also expand new development space and inject new development vitality into economic globalization, which is conducive to promoting the common development of China's economy and the world economy. Not only the Chinese people but also the people of the world will benefit from it. This is another exposition made by Minister of foreign trade and economic cooperation shiguangsheng on the significance of China's accession to the World Trade Organization at the just concluded China development high level forum. In his speech entitled "China's accession to the WTO and its reform and opening-up policies", Shi Guangsheng pointed out that China's accession to the WTO is an important manifestation of China's active participation in economic globalization and will inject new vitality and vigor into the further development of economic globalization—— China's accession to the WTO is an inherent requirement for the development of China's socialist market economy, and will provide unprecedented opportunities for all countries in the world to carry out economic and trade exchanges with China—— China's accession to the WTO will enable it to obtain a more stable international economic and trade environment, enjoy the convenience of trade and investment liberalization in other countries and regions, and promote China's reform, opening up and economic development—— China's accession to the WTO is a major event in the historical process of China's reform and opening up. Polyamine: the beautification of life with biomaterials will have a significant and far-reaching impact on China's reform, opening up and modernization in the 21st century. Working in such an environment will not benefit the health of industrial workers—— China's accession to the WTO, while enjoying its rights, should also undertake corresponding obligations to fulfill its commitment to further expand its brand awareness, which may bring challenges and pressure to some industries in China—— The bilateral negotiations and multilateral process for China's accession to the WTO have entered the final stage, and China's accession to the WTO is not far off. (from Economics)


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