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Pilz: mypnoz can customize a new generation of modular safety relays

Pilz had the idea of integrating redundant safety circuits as early as the 1980s. Compared with the traditional circuit based on contactor, the new solution is smaller, easier to use and, most importantly, safer (with type inspection certificate)

the world's first PNOZ safety relay was born (P = Pilz, no = emergency stop, z = forced disconnection). With the progress of technology, several PNOZ product series were launched in the following decades to provide cross industry security solutions for each demand

the development of different PNOZ series and safety relays in each series reflects the evolution of technical standards at that time, and also explains that with the improvement of automation level, such as (1) please first check whether the four foot bases of the electronic tension machine are the average contact bases, and how to achieve a safe solution to meet the requirements of high efficiency and complexity (the maximum static load is 5kn, which does not limit productivity and avoid human error)

in the digital era, Pilz will launch a new star product in the field of security automation: mypnoz! One of its key features is the digitalization of the whole process of creation, simulation, ordering and functional commissioning

personalized products realize safe logic engineering

mypnoz safety relay can monitor emergency stop, safety door, light curtain, two handed iiia/c control, enabling switch and other safety functions

in the tool (mypnoz creator) provided by Pilz, users can use and/or logic to interconnect safety functions such as emergency stop or safety door according to actual safety requirements. Since the connection logic of the safety function has been defined through the configuration sequence in advance, the user even selects the required experimental machine according to the maximum bearing capacity of the experimental material. The maximum experimental force is the measuring range of the experimental machine. Without mastering complex software programming knowledge, you can arbitrarily select further safety functions and even define details (such as delayed power on and delayed power off). Based on this, users can easily build complete solutions on the platform according to their needs, and easily create personalized customized products. The customized products can flexibly arrange the production quantity according to the consumption demand, so as to make the best use of everything in the real sense

in mypnoz creator, users can use the simulation function of the tool to check whether the circuit or safety design meets their own requirements at any time. After placing the order, Pilz will complete the pre assembly, setting, testing and other work before giving it to the user. As a result, no programming or software knowledge is required for later installation, commissioning or replacement, and the wiring work and space requirements for the control cabinet are reduced, effectively reducing errors and speeding up machine commissioning

new generation safety relay

pilz's exploration has never stopped. Over the years, it has made innovation with the focus that the customer clamping unit can adjust the needs of customers. Today, Pilz has made great efforts to create a new generation of modern and personalized safety relays. It will be a product that truly matches the needs of customers

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