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All parts of Anhui build ecological and livable homes around the comprehensive management of water environment release date: Source: Voice of Anhui

with the improvement of water environment quality as the core, all parts of our province generally require that the brightness change of surface water should not exceed 1.5 and groundwater, large rivers, small ditches and branches, water pollution control and water ecological protection, strive to protect the long flow of green water, and enhance the people's sense of gain and happiness in the ecological environment. Comprehensive report from Anhui TV station:

at present, Hefei has established a system of city, county (District), township, village residents and river leaders, covering the administrative villages directly, and opening up the "last kilometer" of river and lake management

zhairongsheng, Secretary of the Party committee of SHANGPAI Town, Feixi County, Hefei: "the village and community level patrol all river courses every day. For example, if there is any pollution discharge, reclamation and disorderly construction, as long as it is an act that has an impact on the environment, it should be reported immediately."

in order to win the battle of water environment improvement, on the basis of fully implementing the system of river and lake leaders, the application of technical means and financial support are indispensable. A few days ago, the feasibility study preparation project of Huangshan Xin'an River water ecological restoration and treatment project was subject to public bidding. The main construction content of the project is river ecological treatment within Huangshan City, with a total investment of about 2.482 billion

in the biodegradation Wetland Park in Laian County, Chuzhou City, workers are fishing submerged plants in the degradation pool, and technicians are taking samples of the water in the pool. Yaolirong, the designer of Laian County water environment comprehensive treatment project, introduced that the park covers an area of 176 Mu and integrates three water treatment processes: surface flow constructed wetland, front flow constructed wetland and underwater Forest Wetland. The effluent quality meets the four water standards of surface water through ecological degradation means such as aquatic plants, aquatic animals and microorganisms in the constructed wetland, and feeds back to the rivers in the city

yaolirong: "we will sample the effluent of the biodegradable wetland park every day. The purification scale is 60000 tons per day. After the treatment reaches class IV water or better than class IV water, we will reuse or discharge the city."

while the water environment is improving day by day, the residents' happiness index is significantly improved, and the adjustment mechanism of major technical equipment is improved. Lingxi lake, located on the North Bank of Wohe urban area of Bozhou City, is a rare natural wetland in Northern Anhui. It has been turned into a smelly ditch due to disorderly construction, enclosing lakes for aquaculture, and waste and sewage discharge, which has reduced the happiness of the surrounding residents. Lingxi Lake Park, with Lingxi Lake as the main body, has also started construction in an all-round way. Environmental protection has also become a field of great concern. After sewage interception and desilting, it has been equipped with characteristic plants, newly built pavilions, trestles, slow-moving footpaths and bicycle paths, forming a rich and diverse Waterfront and waterfront space, and opening up a new space for the surrounding residents to live a better life

citizen Li Feng: "why does the current environment have the phenomenon of partial load compared with the original environmental testing machine? The environment is too strong. There are great changes in all aspects, including water quality. It provides a very good space for the surrounding people to do morning exercises and take a walk here."

the latest Anhui Environmental Status Bulletin issued by the Provincial Department of ecological environment shows that the overall water quality in the Yangtze River Basin has changed from good to excellent, the overall water quality in the main stream of the Huaihe River has continued to be excellent, and the water quality in the Xin'an River Basin has continued to be excellent

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