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With cloud technology as the "pirate king" in the printer field,

nowadays, when talking about wireless, you must recall the following modes: Radio, infrared wireless, Bluetooth, WiFi! Do you know the most popular technique nowadays?? If the cloud technology is skillfully applied to printing devices, consumers can basically not have a headache for the print driver, nor for the difficulty of remote printing. It is conceivable that whoever can control this technology can have the wealth envied by others in the printing market like the pirate king

to be a pirate king, we must understand what cloud technology we need. In a nutshell, cloud computing technology can be seen everywhere in network services, such as search engines and network mailboxes. Users can get a lot of information as long as they input simple instructions. Cloud computing is the foundation of this technology. Cloud computing is a kind of distributed computing technology. Its most basic concept is to automatically split the huge computing processing program into numerous smaller subroutines through the network, and then hand it over to the huge system composed of a large number of servers in the current automotive industry. After searching, computing and analyzing, the processing results will be sent back to users. Through this technology, network service providers can process tens of millions or even billions of information in a few seconds, and achieve the same powerful network services as supercomputers

what will cloud printing look like? It is reported that HP and Google have dedicated this masterpiece to HP eprint this year. Google wrote on the official blog of chromium, the open source project behind the Chrome OS operating system, that after Google Chrome OS is released later this year, it will develop the so-called Cloud Print technology standard to support all types of printers, and users do not need to install the printer driver. Google said that through the cloud printing technology standard, all devices using the Chrome OS operating system can be connected to any printer around them to complete various printing tasks when running any application (WEB version, desktop version and version application). During this process, Chrome OS users do not need to install drivers for the corresponding printers. Google said that the working principle of cloud printing is that any application that can run in Chrome OS can support cloud printing technology standards through application programming interface (API). This allows Chrome OS users to execute print commands directly from the application. Last April, Google announced its cloud printing plan for the first time. This function can not only make remote wireless printing a reality, but also solve the long-standing problem of inconvenient printing on handheld devices

more importantly, HP, a partner of Google, grandly released a full range of wireless printers that support cloud printing this year. Users can print directly to these printers from cr-48, mobile Gmail, Google Docs and other applications that support cloud printing. At the same time, Google also said that the chrome beta branch of the Mac version has provided a connector that allows ordinary printers to support cloud printing. In addition, in the next few days, Google will enable the cloud printer sharing function. You can print and share your cloud to your friends and colleagues, so that they can print documents to you at any time. In the era of cloud printing, each HP cloud printer will have a unique email address. Printing becomes as simple as sending email. Users can print as long as they can send email. This makes it easy for people to print required files or photos through their mobile devices wherever they are. The new HP cloud printer also has the most popular apps application at present, so that the printer can be directly connected to the network. Users can quickly access their customized personalized content, and the format of the content is more convenient for printing. Without using a computer, they can directly and freely obtain the information they need by touching the LCD screen of the printer. In the cloud printing era, printers will become a new information recommendation platform. At present, HP has released wonderful applications developed with partners in Asia Pacific and Japan. These include Sudoku, quick forms, DreamWorks Animation, Google Calendar weather, and Disney (for Korea, Japan, and Australia). Later this year, business customers can also experience the services of scanning, sharing, managing and acquiring business content. As for the ruby screen, sapphire crystal glass button, anodized aluminum shell and gold-plated screw, they are not worth mentioning in front of the meteorite. For the Chinese market, HP is also developing more wonderful Chinese applications with some potential partners

so far, let's imagine the future. When you see beautiful pictures while traveling, will it be better to take them and send them directly to your relatives and friends through wireless network printing than an email or MMS? When you can't send some materials to customers or colleagues in time because of traffic jam and late flight, will it be easier for you to print them directly through wireless? The future is beautiful, but the reality is cruel. There are still some technical bottlenecks in cloud printing. What are they

although HP eprint now supports us to print from almost any location to HP printers that support eprint, and we can print images, text and PowerPoint documents, PDFs and photos. Using the printer job history provided in eprintcenter, we can also view and manage the print jobs sent to the printer. While HP eprint provides convenient printing, it also brings some small troubles. At that time, the appearance of documents printed with eprint is different from the original document, and the style, format and text flow may be slightly different from the original document. For text with strict format and appearance requirements, cloud printing still cannot meet the requirements

secondly, encrypted documents, digitally signed documents, macro enabled spreadsheets, and password protected documents are not supported by eprint and will not be printed. In this area, many commercial applications will be compressed, because many files do not want to be placed on the computer for a long time or can not meet the requirements of the high stiffness precision spring because the computer is easy to be attacked, the contents of the file are easy to be stolen, and the leakage of confidential files is a fatal blow to any enterprise. However, the printing of cloud computing can do nothing about this part, and confidential files can only be printed on the designated computer

having said so much about print terminals, it's time to talk about the cloud. The cloud is equivalent to an information base through which information can be reproduced. For future corporate office or military management, wouldn't it be safe and convenient to create your own cloud

Si Yin is a printing management platform that integrates many technological innovations and advanced concepts. It is the first cloud printing software platform in China, breaking through the monopoly of foreign manufacturers on this technology. And creatively proposed a privatized and manageable cloud printing platform. It can build a private cloud platform for enterprises, and improve the management and security of printing while enjoying the convenience of cloud printing. Of course, compared with the cloud printing platforms of major foreign brands, although the company can not use a unified cloud platform globally, it can print anytime and anywhere by relying on the Internet. But this is also an advantage, because today, with the rapid development of information technology, confidentiality is equal to creating value. Borykade released the complete concept of Siyin cloud printing, and creatively put forward the complete concept of Siyin cloud printing, which integrates traditional PC printing, printing, driveless printing and narrow cloud printing based on e-mail technology into one platform. While various clients can enjoy the free and convenient experience brought by cloud printing, the platform gives administrators complete and powerful centralized printing control capabilities. And positioning the enterprise market, focusing on the private cloud and public cloud structure, domestic market participants through ldquo; Arbitrage windowrdquo; With the concept of integration, the printed documents are transferred to the local server of the enterprise without going through the shared cloud

the financial crisis is not over. You can't become a pirate king in the industry only by means of cost control. From historical experience, only by creating greater value can you successfully break through the difficulties and finally obtain the unique wealth in the world. The pirate king competition in the printing field has begun. Let's wait and see

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