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There is another "eye closed road" found here before it is lit. Why do you forget the street lamp for Zhengzhou's fine management

on roads where tens of thousands of people travel, street lights are not on all year round. In Zhengzhou, the whole year's "closed eyes" are not limited to the four roads of Yuying road. Since August 17, this newspaper has continuously published a series of reports on the long-term failure of street lights. Dozens of citizens have reported the problems around them through various channels

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street lights have not been on for three years. Tens of thousands of residents "borrow light" to travel at night.

"come to the north of Xiangshan Road. There are not only no street lights, but also no traffic lights." Over the past few days, people have been reflecting to us

from August 18 to 19, I visited this section for many times and found that it was dark from Sanquan intersection, along Xiangshan Road to Weihe North Road. At this time, in the evening, there was a dense flow of people and vehicles on the road, while the dozens of pole street lamps on both sides of the road looked like furnishings

Zhengzhou No. 7 middle school and other schools are distributed near this section. In addition, there are Wanbang xingreenland agricultural products market and Wanbang xingreenland seafood wholesale market

a citizen nearby told him that he had moved to Xiangshan Road for more than three years. In his impression, the street lights from Sanquan road to Weihe North Road had never been on. "Especially on weekends, it is particularly unsafe for students from school, vehicles of all sizes coming to the market, and people coming out to eat at the night market."

Ms. Su, who lives in Yinhe community, said that in addition to their community, there are many residential areas in this section, such as Hanlin Huating, Antai Xinlong, Kangqiao Langcheng, etc., with a population of twenty or thirty thousand. When people go out every night, they either borrow the lights on the road or the scattered neon lights in the shops on both sides. They basically rely on "borrowing light" to travel

there are not only no street lights, but also no traffic lights at the intersection with dense traffic

and they can keep clear for a long time. In addition to the absence of street lights, it was found during the visit that the hardness of dental materials was not even at the T-junction of Xiangshan Road and Weihe North road. The owner of a nearby shop told him that this intersection is the only way to unload the seafood in the nearby seafood market. Every night until the early hours of the morning, there are many big cars. There are no street lights and no traffic lights, resulting in various accidents. Sometimes it happens several times a day

"especially in winter, ice on the ground is very dangerous. Before, an electric car was spinning on the ice, and we helped it stop. Fortunately, there was no big car at that time, otherwise it would be unimaginable." Nearby residents said

"without street lights and traffic lights, our road is well-known far and near." It is reported that many nearby residents jokingly said that in the north section of Xiangshan Road, residents should rely on "borrowing light" to travel at night and "self-consciousness" to cross the intersection. It can be said that this is the place with the highest "quality" of Zhengzhou residents

"I always listen to the government talking about fine management. Is this the level of fine management in Zhengzhou? Do so many schools and residential areas nearby have to have a big event to light up the street lights?" In the interview, many nearby residents complained to roast

reason: the street lights do not light up because of the lack of special power supply for lighting

then why do the street lights on Xiangshan Road not light up? When can we solve it

on August 20, the Construction Bureau of Jinshui District, Zhengzhou urban lighting management office and Zhengzhou construction committee were contacted successively

at last, people in the industry in Jinshui District said that the staff of the engineering section of the Construction Bureau said that the road section mentioned was originally called Luoyang Road, which was a municipal road and was not under the jurisdiction of the district

the staff of Zhengzhou urban lighting management office said that the street lamps on this road have not been handed over to the management office, but the construction unit should be asked

relevant staff of Zhengzhou Municipal Construction Committee said that the Xiangshan Road section reported by the public was called Luoyang Road when it was constructed. The reason why the street lights on this road were not on was similar to the four previously reported roads, which were troubled by the lack of special power supply for street lighting. At present, they are also trying to find a way to coordinate and solve this matter

the slogan of refined management is resounding. Why is it difficult to solve the problem of street lamps

the problem of the four paths has not been solved. There is another path with more problems. Since the launch of the solicitation, dozens of clues have been received from citizens in just two days. Among them, the time of "closing eyes" on many roads is no shorter than that of Yuying road and Fengqing Road, which can also be called psoriasis of chronic difficulties and urban management

"in recent years, Zhengzhou has been emphasizing the promotion of urban fine management, and the slogan has been loud. This year, it has also issued a three-year action of urban fine management. However, in such a big situation, why do you ignore the obvious problem of street lights not on and can not solve it quickly?" Zhang Ying (a pseudonym), who teaches in a university in the province, said that according to her understanding, Zhengzhou began to carry out urban fine management actions as early as the end of 2015, and "accelerating the construction of municipal public infrastructure" is one of the work proposed in successive years. This newspaper will continue to pay attention to the problem of which street lights in Zhengzhou are not on and when they will be on

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