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European ink market

European ink manufacturing industry is facing the impact of economic recession and market depression. It must reduce costs and improve labor productivity in order to jump out of losses. In the face of the adverse economic environment, the management of ink enterprises from Europe will inevitably recombine spontaneously. The countermeasures they have taken are to increase the varieties of specialization, refinement, characterization and novelty, expand the combination, reduce the scale and reduce the cost

the ink industry in Europe shows a wavy upward trend, but it is growing slowly. The European economy began to recover and is developing rapidly step by step. From the trend from the first quarter to the second quarter of 2002, it increased by an average of 2% year-on-year. The ink production in Europe as a whole shows an increasing trend, with Germany lagging behind France and Italy. However, it is less than the growth rate of 3% in 2001, and the actual growth rate is only 1%

in addition to printing and publishing, packaging inks are also an important growth area in Europe. The food and drug packaging market is undoubtedly much less affected by the economic recession than other industries

because people's demand for food, drink and medicine is relatively stable regardless of economic conditions. The trend of the packaging market has confirmed that it will definitely develop after the economic recession

packaging technology is a continuously developing technology, which will continue to pose new challenges to ink manufacturers. Technology and process should change from one system to another, and constantly and frequently. The development of new varieties in the ink series should reproduce and become an integral part of the repeated efforts in the usual packaging market business. Moreover, we should make this part of technology become an important aspect to enhance the competitive advantage of packaging

for ink manufacturers, packaging technology is also a marginal science that has been proved to be capable of continuous improvement. According to the principle of continuous progress, its invention belongs to a relatively high-tech. Whoever has the right technology and process can publish its innovation information on the, which is beneficial to tapping the potential of other packaging

at present, there are many process technologies in packaging, a large number of which are derived from the changes of flexo printing and flexible packaging -- that is, the shift to short version. This provides more opportunities for the application of UV ink and digital printing in packaging

among all printing in Europe, UV ink is now predicted to show an upward trend. Last year's annual report showed that it accounted for about%, and the development of packaging printing is the driving force to promote the development of ink. The counting device automatically counts at the same time. However, in turn, UV ink has promoted the development of various printing materials

the current trend is that in order to meet the needs of short version printing for packaging, more high-quality UV inks must be produced to meet the needs of high-level flexographic printing

the UV ink market in Europe is now becoming a foothold for many ink manufacturers to try to achieve full development. Providing cheap UV ink is certainly an effective method, which can make the price of UV ink printed matter spiral down

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