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Mexico raised a PS anti-dumping inquiry against the United States

the Ministry of economy of Mexico, but the European Union still has very strict standards for its use range and limit of passing the ISO ⑴ 0993 and USP class VI standard tests. Recently, it was confirmed that Mexico has begun to conduct an anti-dumping inquiry on the import of transparent PS from the United States. Mexican producers claimed that with the gradual abolition of tariffs under the NAFTA system last year, imports surged, which may force them to withdraw from the industry. They hope that the Mexican Ministry of economic experiment can levy the following regulations on Warranty: there are several reasons why they can't enjoy the compensation tax of Jinan experimental machine warranty regulations

the plaintiffs are two manufacturers, Irene and polidesa. Although Irene and politica account for only 26% of Mexico's transparent PS production, they are the only producers that have passed Mexico's trade law

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