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Ink jet printing shows great development prospects talking about the development hot spot

ink jet printing is a printing reproduction technology without contact, pressure and printing plate, which is similar to digital printing and can realize variable information printing. The printing plate of silk printing is shaped, and the ink on the printing plate leaks from the through hole of the plate to the substrate under the extrusion of the ink scraper during printing, so as to complete the printing operation

spray "Liu Xuesong said that ink printing is another 10000 printing refresh technology after silk printing. Like silk printing, it has a wide range of printing materials and can be printed on the surface of different shapes and materials. It has strong adaptability. At present, it is a new printing method with extremely rapid technological development and expanding market, showing great development prospects. So what are the hot spots of its development

There are many kinds of ink-jet printing methods, the basic principle of which is to input the graphic information stored in the electronic computer into the flat-panel printer first, and then through a special device, under the control of the electronic computer, spray fog like ink droplets from the nozzle to the surface of the substrate, and directly image on the surface of the substrate according to the charge effect to become the final print

the basic principle of inkjet printing is first, and we hope these words can be realized; However, at present, small ink droplets are generated and guided to the set position. The refinement of the ink-jet print head is mainly reflected in the fact that the nozzle aperture of the ink-jet print head continues to decrease with the improvement of the ink-jet printing resolution, the ink-jet frequency continues to increase, and the ink-jet dot diameter gradually reaches the photo level; The arraying of ink-jet print heads is mainly reflected in the integrated array of multiple print heads that can integrate more small-size single print heads and make them consistent with the printing width

versatility and replaceability of inkjet ink

inkjet printing has relatively small restrictions on the substrate, and can be printed on a variety of substrate materials. The versatility and replaceability of printing materials are the premise for printing enterprises to choose equipment and technology. At present, ink-jet printing equipment manufacturers and ink-jet ink manufacturers are trying to break through the lack of versatility and substitutability due to the integrated research and development of most ink-jet print heads and ink-jet inks, and explore an integrated solution for the popularization and application of ink-jet printing equipment

intelligent level of color management system and production management system

color management system and production management system will ensure that the inkjet printing system can meet the diversified color design environment and color reproduction needs from the level of adapting to the user's color design environment and ensuring the accuracy of user's color reproduction, and intelligently optimize the production process to meet the personalized needs of printing buyers for the substrate Product molding processing needs and surface 2. This product can be widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, auto parts, engineering plastics, wires, cables, plastic rubber, textiles, ceramics, building materials, metal materials, high molecular materials, to ensure that each printing buyer's products can be delivered on time, and achieve the goal of redundant production operations and the lowest cost

to sum up, we can see that inkjet printers have the advantages of full digitalization, short job preparation time, rapid response to the market, etc., but it also has a hard injury that it is not suitable for mass printing, but only suitable for printing less than 1000 to achieve mass production. Therefore, in the personalized printing market, it can become the overlord, However, in large-scale business printing, other printing methods must be combined to complete the task perfectly

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