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Inkjet printing sheet firing technology improves core competitiveness

a few days ago, Wu Ziwen, chairman and general manager of Foshan CITIC kiln Co., Ltd., introduced the decorative performance of a large-scale inkjet printing EP sheet, saying that this is a masterpiece of kiln upgrading and transformation design innovation, firing technology innovation, energy-saving technology innovation, and also a joint research between Zhongxin kiln company and new Zhongyuan ceramics The fruits of complementary advantages: the thickness of the large-size thin plate with a thickness of 4.8 mm is only one third of that of the same size of ceramic tiles, creating a miracle of saving energy and resources by nearly 50%. Although the price of this sheet is more than 30% higher than that of ceramic tiles of the same specification, it is sold well in domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, high-quality, beautiful and relatively expensive thin plates also avoid the risk of anti-dumping in the international market

inkjet printing sheet appeared at the Canton Fair and received high praise.

large size inkjet printing sheet integrating advanced inkjet printing process and sheet firing technology is a popular cutting-edge product in the world at present. Due to the relatively high price of inkjet printing large-scale sheet with high technology and high added value, it is difficult to promote it in the debt crisis of the international financial storm. At present, there are only more than 10 sheet production lines with economies of scale in the world. Wu Ziwen told

it is understood that CITIC kiln is a thin plate kiln tailored for xinzhongyuan ceramic Gao'an production base, with a length of 268 meters and an inner width of 1 Some experience in using the experimental machine for customers made the experimental machine technology 8 meters ahead of the country. It pioneered the process of two glaze lines supporting two large-scale ink-jet printing machines, firing 1200 ㎜ 600 ㎜ 4.8 ㎜, 600 ㎜ 900 ㎜ 4.8 ㎜ large-scale ink-jet printing EP sheets, with more than 90% of high-quality products. Its daily output is up to 9000 square meters, which is 50% higher than the original design capacity of 6000 square meters per day, and 1.5 times the output of ordinary thin plate production line. It can be called a model of high-quality and high-yield high-end thin plate

since it was put into production on October 8, xinzhongyuan ceramics has been famous in domestic and foreign markets for its cost-effective advantages. Dozens of inkjet printing EP sheets launched by it were unveiled at the 110th Canton Fair and received attention and praise. We are very busy with receiving European and American customers to negotiate orders and implement enterprise production scheduling. Wu Ziwen said with a smile that the upgrading of products has not only improved our popularity and reputation, but also made new breakthroughs in saving energy and resources, which can be described as a bumper harvest of economic and social benefits

innovation escorts the maximization of energy resource utilization.

in the strategizing, the victory is thousands of miles away. Wu Ziwen, who has worked in other kiln industries for more than 20 years in 2012 (2) 018, confidently told that CITIC thin plate kiln uses independent innovation and integrated innovation technology to build its core competitiveness, which has the characteristics of narrow kiln, dense rows of small rollers, small internal seams, advanced and reasonable structure, etc

because the firing temperature is stable, the cross-sectional temperature difference can be controlled within plus or minus 2 ℃ to ensure the glittering and bright color effect of inkjet printing; At the same time, the small roller is used as the transmission carrier for precise and dense arrangement, which makes the large-size thin plate run smoothly, and its rate of excellent products is significantly better than that of the kiln burning thick bricks; The firing time is only 40 minutes, which is more than 30% shorter than the firing time of 60 to 70 minutes in large-scale thick brick kilns, thereby increasing the output by more than 30%

in addition, Wu Ziwen said that this firing technology can control the water absorption below 0.5%, and integrates light, thin, strong, environmental friendly and low-carbon functions, so that the 268 meter long and 1.8 meter wide kiln burns EP sheet, setting a new world record for maximizing the utilization of energy resources

details determine success or failure, strength casts brilliance

CITIC kiln, known as a kiln expert, has built high-quality kilns for famous ceramic wall and floor tile enterprises such as xinzhongyuan, Marco Polo, guanxingwang, etc. in order to do a good job, we must first implement the details of its tools, so that technological innovation and the selection of high-quality materials complement each other, Its refractory materials are made of domestic first-class brands such as Jiangsu Dongtai Huanghai Aesop, and the roller rods are made of King Kong brand high load-bearing, bending resistant and quench resistant roller rods; Burner bricks and roller hole bricks are fire-resistant and corrosion-resistant products specially made by Yamato company, which have long service life and can be used for many years

CITIC company uses the waste heat of roller kiln to dry thin plates, which is highly praised by customers. Wu Ziwen stressed that the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other ministries and commissions are paying close attention to the formulation of the relevant 1035 plan in the field of new materials. As the basic project of the supporting equipment of the roller kiln, the drying kiln is to make full use of the flue gas and waste heat of the roller kiln to dry semi-finished products, meet the standard of firing in the kiln, and realize a virtuous cycle of energy conservation, emission reduction and cleaner production

thin ceramic tile is the only way to promote thin plate

looking forward to the development prospect of thin plate, Wu Ziwen, who is full of confidence in the market situation, told that with the national standard of thin ceramic tile and light sanitary ware coming out next year, at present, China's building and sanitary ceramics have completed the accumulation of quantity and are poised for a qualitative leap

the eight key topics in the 12th Five Year Plan for building ceramics: expanding domestic demand, enhancing innovation, promoting urbanization, etc., mean that the ceramic industry in the 12th Five Year Plan will enter a critical period of energy conservation and technological progress. As a representative of the development advantages of advanced productive forces, the thin plate industry will have broad development prospects. To this end, CITIC kiln dare to take the lead in the world, constantly create the core competitiveness of kiln technology innovation, design innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, provide more new energy-saving and environmental protection kilns and considerate services for the building and sanitary ceramics industry and special ceramics industry, and constantly create a new situation of keeping pace with the times and being perfect. At the end of the interview, Wu Ziwen's eloquent words were encouraging

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