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Ink system and new printing technology promote the innovation of packaging industry

nowadays, the business environment of packaging and printing industry is quite severe. Fierce market competition forces them to produce distinctive and eye-catching packaging products under the conditions of faster turnover period and lower cost. Environmental protection regulations and customers require the packaging and printing industry to produce high-quality packaging products that are harmless to the environment. All walks of life require the packaging and printing industry to ensure that their packaging is free from theft, tampering and forgery during transportation

now, the new generation of ink system and printing technology will help the packaging and printing industry achieve these goals. All kinds of inks are playing an unprecedented role, with diverse functions, intelligence, practicality, environmental protection, safety and cost-effectiveness. In the past, in order to meet the final use requirements of packaging, the packaging processing industry paid attention to the fine selection of printing materials. Now, they are looking forward to improving packaging performance through new ink systems and printing technology

this paper will discuss the development trend of the new generation ink system and printing technology, and detail the benefits it brings to the packaging and printing industry

focus on efficiency. The new ink system and technology will help the packaging and printing industry to improve production capacity and achieve the purpose of cost saving. Energy curing ink has short curing time and excellent performance, which can significantly improve the production capacity. Ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) ink systems can cure in about a tenth of a second. In contrast, conventional ink systems usually take several minutes or even days to completely dry

the recent application of UV primer on beverage cans perfectly illustrates the impact of ink selection on overall efficiency. UV priming varnish can improve the flexibility of the whole can production line and can filling by providing beverage cans with higher concentration materials and stronger surfaces, thus significantly improving the production capacity

products such as automatic ink distribution system and automatic color matching system can greatly improve the efficiency of the printing workshop by reducing the manual operation of ink. Such products will lead the trend towards the realization of full-automatic sheet fed printing machine and web printing machine. The progress of ink mixing technology will also help the packaging and printing industry to improve productivity and achieve cost savings

benefit the environment. Nowadays, the packaging and printing industry is increasingly considering environmental factors in their product portfolio. Over the years, corresponding regulations have been implemented to reduce the overall number of packages that become waste

in response. The packaging and printing industry is gradually choosing printing materials that are beneficial to the ecological environment. Nowadays, the packaging and printing industry can choose a variety of high-performance "green" inks to keep the environment clean, and pay more efforts to this end

vegetable ink and soybean ink do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), so they will not pollute the air. The new energy curing ink system is 100% solid material, which is characterized by no volatile organic compounds. Compared with the traditional ink system, it is more beneficial to the ecological environment and can be used as an alternative product. At the same time, new solvent-based inks that do not contain dangerous air pollutants are gradually entering the inkjet printing market. As we all know, hazardous air pollutants (HAP) can cause harm to the environment. It is not easy to achieve green environmental protection, but due to the emergence of these new ink products, environmental protection has also become simpler

reflect personality. The packaging and printing industry is using digital printing technology to add personalized colors to their packaging. Brands understand the important value of "target marketing" activities, which pay attention to the needs of customers and help to improve brand loyalty. The advantage of digital printing lies in the printing of small print numbers, which can create distinctive packaging products for various customer groups

nowadays, due to the progress made in ink development, digital printing technology can be used on almost any substrate. Water based inks, solvent inks, and even energy curing inks such as UV inks and EB inks have been applied in continuous inkjet and on-demand inkjet products. Rapid curing UV and EB inks are gradually accelerating the speed of inkjet on demand, so as to achieve a faster turnaround

the advanced technology of pressing the mechanical zero button to reset the angle value to zero significantly improves the printing speed and greatly improves the printing quality. With the improvement of printing speed and the application of new multi-functional inks, digital printing can play a big role in a broader field of packaging applications. The packaging and printing industry can benefit a lot by cooperating with digital ink suppliers. These suppliers can provide them with professional advice on ink selection. They can also 2 ensure the normal operation of the transmission part, and guide them, including the instruments for starting production and selecting materials and components, how to more effectively combine digital technology with the existing printing production line

intelligent security. Companies are increasingly asking the packaging and printing industry to ensure the safety of packaging during the transportation of their products. In order to deal with the theft, tampering, forgery and other problems of products, the packaging and printing industry will adopt a new generation of intelligent packaging and supply chain management technology

the progress made in "smart" ink and conductive ink of microwave radio frequency identification technology helps brands track products throughout the supply chain and update their inventory in real time. Conductive ink can be used as an antenna in the field of microwave radio frequency identification. This kind of ink will promote microwave RFID technology to become a cost-effective solution for brands by replacing traditional coils

"smart" labels and smart packaging applications help protect the integrity of the brand and prevent products from being tampered with. These technologies can also be used to monitor the situation of products in transit and report problems to manufacturers. For example, "smart" tags can instantly alert manufacturers of theft. Brand protection ink is a new product of "smart" ink and glazing oil. It contains hidden codes. If applied to packaging, it can produce a unique identity. Using these brand protection technologies, brand makers can identify their products at any given time

new ink 7. Round sample clamping diameter: 13-40; The system and printing technology will provide more choices for the packaging and printing industry. With more choices, we must carefully choose the appropriate ink formula to meet the customer's goals and packaging requirements. In the process of pursuing high-performance packaging, ink suppliers will become an important partner of packaging and printing industry. With close cooperation with ink suppliers, the packaging and printing industry will be able to use many useful latest technologies to promote the innovation of the packaging industry today and in the future

source: fine chemicals in the 21st century

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