The hottest inkjet printing era is coming

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The era of inkjet printing is coming.

the upcoming drupa 2008 International Printing and Paper Exhibition (drupa 2008) can be called inkjet drupa without suspense. In fact, we already saw the clue at the on demand exhibition in Boston


for a long time in the past, Kodak's inkjet printing equipment business was completely unacceptable to the Boston market. However, Kodak's inkjet printing equipment has become the only choice for these customers to achieve high-speed inkjet printing solutions with beautiful appearance through Kodak's efforts in the promotion of service stations, data centers and commercial printing plants whose main business is newspaper printing. Of course, as people began to accept ink-jet printing, more and more digital printing equipment suppliers began to launch a series of distinctive ink-jet printing equipment

large Japanese screen, IBM

large printing machines with high production capacity are usually the main models in the digital printing market. Developed and sold by big Japan screen, truepress jet 520, a piezoelectric inkjet system OEM of IBM printing system department, has not only become Kodak's most powerful competitor in inkjet printing, but also launched new challenges in the field of high-speed toner digital printing

big Japan screen first gradually launched its latest printing equipment at the service points that have been fully laid out. It should be said that this strategic deployment is very good. Service before product has always been the standard step for high-end printing equipment to market. In this regard, IBM may be able to use its large and hierarchical service points to make this process faster. However, the industry generally believes that digital printing equipment suppliers, including IBM, should be cautious in marketing. In any case, for most digital printing enterprises, it is by no means easy to buy an inkjet digital printing machine of $1.2 million. Factors such as the immature market and the small market demand will prevent these digital printing equipment from moving forward. It can be said that the demand growth of these digital printing equipment will be relatively slow in the short term

in fact, when choosing a new inkjet digital printer, the real focus of attention is the operating cost and printing quality. Although there is no authoritative analysis on the specific composition of ink-jet printing operation cost, it is believed that with the popularization of ink-jet printing, the composition of operation cost will gradually become clear. However, it is certain that different suppliers will adopt different pricing models. For example, the use of ink for inkjet printing will be based on the capacity of the ink box used, which is different from the concept of using how much toner is used and changing it after use. Therefore, the use method of ink for big Japan screen may lead to the increase of the price of large capacity ink box, which will also make subtle changes in the overall cost

in terms of printing quality, although the printing samples of these inkjet digital printing machines cannot reach the printing quality of Fuji Xerox iGen3, HP indigo or Kodak nExpress, these inkjet printing equipment can achieve the quality of business color, which is enough and quite good in this field

if one day, hybrid variable data printing is replaced by personalized printing, there is no doubt that it is due to the ink-jet digital printer, because the new ink-jet digital printer not only avoids the problems existing in the traditional ink-jet printing technology, but also has satisfactory cost investment and printing quality

the magic of the new inkjet digital printing machine is ink. One of the difficulties faced by traditional inkjet technology is that ink is very easy to diffuse on the porous substrate, thus forming a point gain. This requires the paper surface to have special chemical components that control the ink absorption capacity, which will lead to a significant increase in the paper cost, thereby increasing the operating cost of high-end inkjet printing equipment

the inkjet ink used in the large Japanese screen can be wrapped by polymerization before contacting the paper. In this way, the ink, like toner, only slightly penetrates on the paper. Through this technology, the high-end inkjet printing machines of big Japan screen and I BM can directly use ordinary copy paper, which is really good news for data centers and service stations that often use toner printers, which means that a large part of the use cost can be saved. Although the price of this special ink will be slightly higher, at least for now, compared with the cost increase caused by the use of special paper, it is very competitive in terms of economy. The actual production shows excellent results

of course, this inkjet printer can also use dye ink in addition to pigment ink. However, Japan screen said that there is a very complex dehydration process for the conversion between the two inks, so most customers only choose to use one of the inks for a long time

but in terms of production efficiency, although this inkjet printer is also very high, it is still far behind Kodak Wanyin


the digital copier of ideal (r i s o) company has long been famous. Its f o r c e j e t technology has been widely used in the market for three years, and its h c5500 high-speed color printer has also frequently appeared in large exhibitions such as on demand

many printing enterprises that have invested in Kodak high-speed digital printing machine begin to pay attention to this product. Efficient production and R IP technology make it possible to use variable data output software to generate data stream PS files and directly submit them to the machine in f t p mode. The machine can achieve high-speed output of up to 120P P M. The application of variable data is extremely extensive. All the water, electricity, gas and financial credit card bills related to the people. Mail Guide: according to the news of gelonghui on April 12, direct mail output of e-mail requires high-speed and low-cost variable data printing, which shows that the market prospect of Riso hc5500 is very considerable

riso hc5500 is small in size. Like the laser printer, it uses 24 piezoelectric precise ink control print heads that are fixed in a line, So that it can reach 120 A/min "4 the speed of printing sheets is faster than any color laser printer, and the printing cost of each sheet is only 3 cents. Printing enterprises that have always wanted to invest in Fuji Xerox docu color 8000 color digital printing machine, but are deterred by the high price, may wish to consider r i s o h c5500, because its excellent commercial color quality can meet the application needs of most businesses, and of course, the price is much cheaper.

in the printing industry, inkjet printing Brush has become one of the rapidly changing technologies. Incredible work efficiency improvement, continuous improvement of color performance, and the application of increasingly mature printing technology. Although many people say that it cannot compete with the laser printing technology using toner for a long time in the future, you may recall that a few years ago, there were also many people who did not believe that digital printing could gradually replace offset printing, but now, the change did happen

The three major problems of cost, performance and application are the fundamental reasons that determine whether a new printing technology can be accepted by the market. Of course, inkjet printing will not replace laser printing, but with the progress of technology, this digital printing method will open up its own unique market position

drupa 2008, it seems that the horn of the coming era of inkjet printing has sounded, looking forward to that day

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