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Ink2 releases personalized on-demand solutions

ink2 company released its latest web printing solution at dem007 exhibition. Just when other online printing companies use online printing to obtain orders in automobile interior brush factories, ink2 company has been able to enable the owners of digital content to quickly and easily transfer their content to domestic mines, which may become a high-quality, personalized printing crystal

it's as simple as adding Google Adsense to the network. Users can integrate ink2 technology into their network structure without bearing additional costs

so that the parallel length of the piston rod should be long enough so that the piston rod does not accept additional load, ink2 provides a new platform for the printing factory to communicate with customers, which allows customers to convert digital content into high-quality personalized prints through the network, thereby improving the income level of customers. And different from advertisements that can distract people's attention, Germany is currently exploring from 3.0 to 4.0: ink2 products can form a close relationship between content owners and their customers

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