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Liaoyang Petrochemical's two liquid ammonia analysis devices were patented

on March 5, a message came from Liaoyang Petrochemical Company that the company independently developed two scientific research achievements, the liquid ammonia analysis sampling device and the liquid ammonia analysis evaporation device, which were in the construction process, and successfully passed the examination of the State Intellectual Property Office and obtained the authorization of utility model patents. The two patents enable the sampling operation to be completed by opening and closing the valve and switching the connection port. The evaporation process is reduced from 5-8 hours to 30 minutes. The oil output from the oil pump first enters the cylinder clock, and realizes real-time sampling and real-time analysis, which not only ensures the timeliness and accuracy of the analysis data, but also avoids the risk of safety and environmental protection, The efficiency of liquid ammonia analysis is greatly improved

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