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Liebherr carries 300 ton LTM 2 mobile crane unveiled at Bauma China 2016. Libo Haixinda phase I project has a total investment of 2.8 billion LTM 2 is the largest 300 ton mobile crane in the market at present. This six axle chassis crane belongs to telescopic boom crane. On the one hand, it is a typical folding boom crane. On the other hand, it is the smallest crane with luffing boom, which can carry out a variety of operations. It is an ideal choice for low-cost entry-level boom cranes. Liebherr adopts innovative design in LTM Only one engine is used on 2

Liebherr LTM 2 mobile crane

outstanding bearing capacity and super long cantilever

due to its outstanding bearing capacity and telescopic boom system, Liebherr ltm 2 Mobile cranes are especially suitable for installing tower cranes. In addition to the 78 meter telescopic boom, it can also be matched with a wide range of jib systems, which further broadens the application range of this crane

12.5m-21m double folding arms with two 7m extension arms make the total length of the jib reach 35m. The folding arm can be angled to 0 °, 20 ° or 40 °; It can also realize stepless luffing between 0 ° and 40 ° under full load through optional hydraulic equipment. The bottom section of the 5.5m folding boom can be used as a large installation boom, providing the crane with a lifting capacity of up to 58 tons

the company's installation procedures from instrument control system, computer control system, PLC control system to DCS system have friendly interfaces and can be ready for operation quickly.

on the one hand, the new six axle truck crane developed by Liebherr is a classic folding boom crane. When operating, the speed and flexibility of the operator can match that of the five axle crane

on the other hand, LTM 2 is the only 300 ton truck crane on the market at present, and it is the smallest crane with luffing jib. For crane leasing companies, if they want to expand the business scope of crane luffing jib, Liebherr's six axis mobile crane is a very ideal entry-level product choice. Through segmented assembly, the luffing jib can be assembled to a length of 70 meters according to the unit of 3.5 meters. Its 14-42 meter fixed arm also has 3.5 meter components to improve the lifting capacity

all installation functions, including counterweight and folding arm, are carefully designed to make the user operate smoothly. The fixed jib can be pulled up without auxiliary crane

innovative single engine drive concept

Liebherr adopts a completely innovative concept for LTM 2. The driving unit of mobile crane is designed. This tonnage mobile crane generally uses dual engines, while LTM 2. Only one engine is used to drive the 300 ton large crane through the mechanical transmission shaft. The running path of the gear transmission shaft is from the transfer case gear on the chassis, through two equal diameter bevel gears, through the rotation center, and then to the pump transfer case on the crane

the mechanical transmission shaft ensures that the working efficiency is maintained at a high level, and the chassis engine speed is maintained at a low speed, thus providing sufficient power for crane operation. This new driving mode can reduce energy consumption, so it is very economical. This simple design of single engine drive puts Liebherr in a good position to optimize its diesel engine to meet legal emission standards. In addition, the use of a separate upper engine design can also reduce maintenance work and reduce the dead weight of the crane. The reduced weight can be used to increase the load-bearing accessories, which helps to improve the load-bearing capacity of the crane

proven super transmission system

Liebherr's self-made eight cylinder diesel engine has an output power of 450 kW (612 HP) at 1900 rpm and a maximum torque of 2856nm at 1500 rpm; Thus ensuring LTM 2. Strong power required. Through the 12 gear ZF TC tronic transmission, the power is continuously transmitted to the crane axle

in order to ensure the starting and precise mobility, a torque converter is also configured. Hydraulic retarder is a zero wear hydraulic braking device, which is integrated in the gearbox and acts as a reducer. In addition, customers can also choose TELMA eddy current brake. Like almost all LTM series mobile crane models, the new LTM 2. It is also equipped with pneumatic disc brake; A few years ago, Liebherr took the lead in applying this kind of brake to truck cranes. Compared with drum brakes, disc brakes not only have better braking performance, but also are more economical to use, because the brake pads of disc brakes can be replaced easily and quickly, and their service life is longer

the six axle chassis of this new 300 ton crane has four rear axles, which can be electrically controlled and hydraulically steered according to the moving speed of the vehicle. This improves vehicle mobility and significantly reduces tire wear. When the crane is in crab mode, the steering data can be displayed on all six axles, which means that there is no need to lift any axle

Liebherr LTM is the Liebherr control system that is easy to operate The liccon2 control system designed by 2 has also been used in other mobile cranes. This control system is an additional function designed and developed for the new drive concept (LTM.2); It uses only one engine and is driven by the driving shaft of J RN Grossmann, a new technology expert of Saimi control, to reduce energy consumption. When the engine is at idle speed, the control system will automatically disconnect all pump drives; When the engine needs to work, the control system can automatically connect again in a few seconds. BTT program of Bluetooth terminal is a movable and multifunctional control and display element, which is used for various function settings. By using BTT, the crane can be lifted simply and safely. As an optional function, the crane driver can visually operate the hoist and telescopic boom luffing cylinder through Bluetooth connection, so as to install and remove the hook at the front end of the crane bumper. BTT also has more setting functions, such as the new LTM 2. Install counterweight, folding jib and No. 2 winch, etc

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