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Liaoning Xinbin carefully constructs the domestic first-class welding industry base

Liaoning Xinbin carefully constructs the domestic first-class welding industry base

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Guide: Liaoning (Xinbin) welding industry base is one of the four major industrial clusters that Fushun City focuses on. Relying on the solid raw material base of Fushun old industrial base, developing an efficient, automatic, intelligent and environmental friendly welding industry will effectively promote the transformation of county economy and stimulate employment growth. According to the plan, Liaoning (...

Liaoning (Xinbin) welding industry base is one of the four major industrial clusters focused on by Fushun City. Relying on the solid raw material base of Fushun old industrial base, the development of "efficient, automatic, intelligent and environmental friendly" welding industry will effectively promote the transformation of county economy and stimulate employment growth. According to the plan, Liaoning (Xinbin) welding industry base will start with high-tech and high value-added projects, including the establishment of a national graphene Research Institute with a total investment of 61million pounds; In December 2012, the shorter the stabilization time is, the focus will be on the development of modern welding materials, high-end welding equipment and welding technology application, and all efforts will be made to build a modern welding industry cluster integrating "learning, research, production and application" and the linkage of upstream and downstream industries. It is expected that by the end of 2020, the park will have a scale of 6.77 square kilometers and an annual output value of 30billion yuan, becoming an important welding industry cluster in China

machines roar, tower cranes stand, welding spatter... On May 26, I saw a lively scene of intense construction and busy production in Liaoning (Xinbin) welding industry base. In a workshop of Liaoning Donggong Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd., which has been put into production, workers are busy producing. Gu Jianglong, the deputy general manager of the company, pointed to the boxes of products stacked on the ground and said, "these are various types of welding wires produced by our factory. These welding wires are patented products newly developed by the Institute of metallurgical physics and chemistry of Northeastern University. They are mainly used in shipbuilding, Aerospace and military industry in China. They are at the leading level in China and have great development prospects in domestic and foreign markets."

at present, the "Donggong welding technology" and "Dongrun welding materials" settled in Liaoning (Xinbin) welding industry base have been officially put into production, with an annual output of 2000 tons of various types of aluminum alloy welding wires and an output value of 200million yuan; There are 3 projects that have been started and will be started, with an investment of about 640million yuan; There are more than 10 projects negotiated with well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and the promotion work is smooth; The 12000 square meter R & D center was put into use within the year, which can provide one-stop services of R & D, testing, production, testing and sales for settled enterprises

promising development at the right time

welding technology is a key technology in the manufacturing process, which directly affects the product quality and service life. It has a broad market space in the automotive, boiler, shipbuilding and petrochemical industries. Due to the integration of many high and new technologies in the world today, the welding industry presents an intelligent and digital trend, creating a very high added value in the equipment manufacturing industry. In recent years, energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end equipment, new materials and other strategic industries have developed rapidly, which will play an important role in promoting the development of the welding industry

Fushun, as an old industrial base, has a solid foundation for iron and steel, metallurgy, petrochemicals, machining and other industries, and is also an important raw material production base. Optimizing resource allocation, adjusting industrial structure, and developing "efficient, automatic, intelligent, and environmental friendly" welding industry are new growth points to achieve rapid economic development, as well as specific measures for the overall strategy of "adjusting structure and maintaining growth" of economic development. As a water supply base and water conservation area in our province, Xinbin is an inevitable choice to develop high-tech, low consumption and pollution-free "low-carbon" industries in order to achieve the development goal of "not only golden mountains and silver mountains, but also green rivers and mountains". The establishment of a welding industry base with the production of welding materials, welding equipment and the application of welding technology as the core is the strategic deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to support the economic development of Xinbin County, which is of great significance for the economic transformation of Xinbin County, promoting the industrialization process and innovating the new rural development model

in combination with the actual needs of the economic development of Xinbin County, the Party committee and government of Xinbin county quickly organized manpower to conduct research and demonstration, actively carried out preliminary research and relevant investment attraction, completed the expansion of the park, and comprehensively carried out the construction of Liaoning (Xinbin) welding industry base. In the future, Xinbin county will adhere to the principles of large company entry, large project drive and high-tech support, and strive to attract domestic leading welding enterprises to settle in, drive more enterprises in the same industry to gather, so that Liaoning (Xinbin) welding industry base is often used in the quality control of factories, and form a complete industrial chain as soon as possible

the advantages of agglomeration are advancing at a high speed

Northeast China is a traditional heavy industry development area in China, and the consumption of welding materials and equipment is at the forefront of China. At present, there is no large welding industry agglomeration area in Northeast China, and most welding materials and equipment need to be deployed from other regions, which greatly increases the cost of enterprises. Xinbin is located at the junction of Liaoning and Jilin, backed by Fushun, Benxi, Tonghua and other heavy industrial cities, with a unique geographical location and developed transportation network, which can ensure that welding materials and equipment can be transported to the Northeast Industrial Zone conveniently and quickly

not only that, there are many scientific research institutions in our province. Dalian University of technology, Shenyang University of technology and the Institute of Metal Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences cultivate a large number of professional welding talents every year, providing a solid talent reserve for the development of welding materials and equipment industrial parks. Shenyang University of technology has become a partner of the welding industry base and has taken the base as an incubator for the transformation of its welding scientific and technological achievements. In addition, the base has also established a long-term contact mechanism with Harbin Welding Institute, China Welding Association, Guangzhou Barton Welding Research Institute and other domestic well-known institutions and industry associations. 3. The measurability of environmental condition parameters. The environmental conditions provided by any one environmental experimental equipment must be observable and controllable, which will provide reliable technical support for the development of the industrial base

in March 2012, Liaoning (Xinbin) welding industry base was identified as one of the 13 characteristic industrial bases in the province. In order to speed up the growth of the base, the provincial government designated the Provincial Department of science and technology to help the base construction. On the basis of the original plan, the overall plan of the base has been revised by Taiwan Jingqun company. The planned area has reached 6.77 square kilometers, the development area has been completed, and the infrastructure of the park has been continuously improved. At present, Donggong Welding Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongrun welding materials Co., Ltd. have settled in the park and officially put into production, with an annual total output of 2000 tons of various types of aluminum alloy welding wires. The 12000 square meter R & D center has completed the main construction and can be put into use within the year. The R & D center is divided into four parts: research room, public testing service platform, training center and R & D experimental area reserved for settled enterprises. Three projects have been started and will be started in the park. Including: the aluminum alloy welding wire project of Fushun high tech electric porcelain company, with an estimated investment of 350million yuan, the construction of 10 production lines, and a total annual output of 5000 tons. The high nitrogen steel welding wire project of China north ordnance industry group is expected to invest 150million yuan, with a total annual output of 2000 tons. The flux cored wire project of Liaoning torch welding company is expected to invest 140million yuan, build 10 production lines, and have a total annual output of 20000 tons

during the year, more than 10 projects were discussed, promoted and signed, including alloy welding wire of Beijing Patton Gaode metallurgical Welding High Tech Co., Ltd., laser manufacturing of Changzhou Patton Gaode Laser Technology Co., Ltd., H-shaped steel structure welding robot of MCC group, large metallurgical roll repair of Shenyang Heavy Metal Power station company, welding materials of Beijing Zhongdian Huaqiang Welding Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., medium frequency resistance welding machine of Chengdu Electric Welding Machine Research Institute, etc

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