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Licking the lid is nothing. Yogurt packaging cups can be eaten directly

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core tip: Stonyfield is the last yogurt brand we want to introduce. It is also a typical representative of the world's four largest yogurt (traditional yogurt). Consumers originally thought that traditional yogurt was nothing special, As a result, Stonyfield brought me full of surprises. I want to say: This is a respected brand and product

[China Packaging News] Stonyfield is the last yogurt brand we want to introduce. It is also a typical representative of the world's four largest yogurt (traditional yogurt). Consumer Jun originally thought that traditional yogurt was nothing special. As a result, Stonyfield brought me full of surprise. I want to say: This is a respected brand and product

what is licking lid? Our yogurt cup can be eaten directly

Gary Hirshberg, co-founder and chairman of Stonyfield farms, the world's largest organic yogurt company, said that for many years he has been dreaming of creating a product that can be eaten together with the yogurt packaging after you eat the yogurt

in 2014, he turned his dream into reality. Stonyfield frozen yogurt pearls was born

this is a frozen yogurt ball, the size of which is like the hole in the middle of a doughnut, wrapped with an edible skin. Using the unique wikipearl packaging technology of wikifoods, which specializes in edible packaging, the frozen yogurt of various flavors is wrapped in a peel like skin, which not only enriches the taste, but also can be washed directly like fruit, and then eaten

this series of products was first launched in four whole foods supermarkets in Boston. Cellulose bags made of wood fibers were packed in advance and sold in the frozen area of the supermarket. Because the shell is made of fruit peel, it can have different flavors. Stonyfield's pearl ball series includes organic yogurt products with chocolate and vanilla flavors, paired with strawberry, banana, coconut and peach skins, with a total of seven different flavor combinations

the market share of the global organic yogurt ranks first.

since the 1990s, the organic yogurt of Stonyfield has been the company's main product. So far, the organic yogurt produced by the company has ranked first in the global market share

started in 1983, when it was a non-profit organic agriculture school. Gary and Samuel began to manufacture and sell organic yogurt to maintain the operation of the school. At that time, no one produced organic food, and there was no market demand in this regard. But this did not scare them. At first, they only raised seven cows and fed them the best feed that had never been fattened. When yogurt came into the market, both of them had no idea, but they were very popular with local residents. Of course, the situation has improved a lot now, but stonyfie's zigzag experiments on metal materials such as steel plates, ribbed steel, round steel, and just welded parts are aimed at making organic become a standard rather than an alternative

The current production base is still in New Hampshire, because their family farm is there, and the factory is only 30 miles away from the farm. As the world's leading organic yogurt manufacturer, he is widely used in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, hot water, machinery, medical appliances, food processing machinery and so on. Everything they do is not just delicious. All raw materials have been organically certified, and must be free of toxic persistent agriculture or curve magnifying drugs, and do not use artificial hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified organisms

open their official, and you will find an interesting Stonyfield source map, Stonyfield raw material traceability map. Stonyfield calls it a wonderful but very important journey

on the traceability map, click any raw material, and there will be a corresponding introduction to tell consumers about the traceability story of raw materials

why choose organic

stonyfield's answer is: in a world full of choices, there is a chance to make things simple

all organic certifications obtained

stonyfield focuses on analyzing the difference between organic cow (organic cow) and non organic cow (non organic cow)

you should choose better food

stonyfield always believes that we should choose a better way to live and take care of the world around us, such as giving better food to our family and ourselves

not only the raw materials of yogurt are all organic, but also the packaging of yogurt. They are not willing to use general plastic cutting products. They think there is a lot of pollution and it is not good for human body. Therefore, the packaging boxes of Stonyfield yogurt are all made of plants. They spend a lot of time on packaging research, but they think this is a right thing. Seeing here, the consumer has to give them a thumbs up. It's really cool

cultivate the next generation of organic new dairy farmers for the world

at present, they are doing a very meaningful thing, because they realize that the organic family farms in the world are slowly disappearing, and they hope to establish an organic dairy farmer training program through their own efforts to cultivate the next generation of organic new dairy farmers for the world

such a brand, consumers can only silently praise it in their hearts

how about the nutritional composition of such a good product

stonyfield's product series are extremely rich. In addition to the Stonyfield frozen yogurt pearls we introduced at the beginning that can be eaten together with a yogurt cup, there are four product lines, yogurt petrte Creme, Baby Kids yogurt, frozen, milk cream butter. Under each series, there are other small series, such as fat free Low fat (low fat) and whole milk (full fat) and so on. In short, there are many choices

specifications also include 5.3oz, 6oz, 10oz, 32oz and other specifications

take the Greek yogurt under yogurt Petre Creme as an example:

the fat content is 0, the protein content is 13g/150g, and the sodium content is 55 mg

the total demand for high-grade carbon fiber in China's civil aerospace and weapon equipment construction will exceed 20000 tons/year

and the organic plain yogurt under Baby Kids yogurt:

for every 113g, calories are 80, trans fat is 0, protein is 4G, calcium content is 25%, and it is pointed out that the sugar contained is milk itself, which is not added additionally

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