OPEC production rose to a three-year high in June

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OPEC production rose to a three-year high in June due to high production in Iraq and Saudi Arabia

OPEC production rose to a three-year high in June due to high production in Iraq and Saudi Arabia

July 2, 2015

[China paint information] a survey on Wednesday (July 1) showed that the crude oil production of the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) rose to a three-year high in June due to record or near record oil production in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, It was further emphasized that major OPEC oil producing countries spare no effort to protect market share

to ensure the safety and reliability of the experimenters, the tested products and the experimental equipment itself

despite the adverse impact of the situation in Libya and Nigeria on the supply, OPEC's output is still higher than its daily output of 30. It is an indispensable testing equipment for physical property experiments, teaching research, quality control and so on. What are the reasons for the noise of the oil feeding tensile testing machine without starting the oil pump first? StarTech will give you a brief introduction: the goal of million barrels

the survey showed that according to shipping data and information from oil companies, OPEC and consulting industry sources, OPEC's supply increased to 31.6 million barrels per day in June and was revised to 31.3 million barrels per day in May

since OPEC refused to reduce production to protect market share in November 2014, the output of the organization has increased by more than 1.3 million barrels/day. "An agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue has been reached." Lu Jun said that the discussion will further increase the supply

Carsten Fritsch, an analyst at Commerzbank, said: "if the sanctions are lifted, more crude oil from Iran will flow into the already surplus market."

according to the survey, if the data will not be corrected, the supply in June will reach the highest output since OPEC produced 31.63 million barrels per day in June 2012. The largest increase in June was in Iraq, which has helped boost OPEC production this year

after Iraq divided crude oil into two grades, Basra heavy oil and Basra light oil, to solve the quality problem, Southern exports have increased to 3million barrels/day. After adding the new classification, some oil production enterprises have expanded their production scale

exports from northern Iraq via Ceyhan in Turkey remained stable, despite tensions between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) over budget payments

the source of the survey said that Saudi Arabia, the largest exporter, did not reduce production after the record output in May, because the country responded to the increased demand from international and domestic power plants and refineries. However, they said there was no indication that Saudi Arabia's supply would increase significantly

Nigeria's daily output increased by 60000 barrels; Libya's production decreased slightly, and the supply was still blocked due to the unrest and the failure of oil field restart negotiations. Angola's output was strong in May, while its exports fell in June. The source under investigation said that Kuwait's production decreased slightly due to the closure of wafra oilfield

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