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Opening windows or making clear patterns on aluminized film

recently, making patterns on aluminized film has attracted more and more interest

with the emergence of new technologies, there are three main methods for making clear patterns on the film

which method to choose depends on the required resolution and edge definition. These three methods are described in detail below

1. Plating removal method

among the patented technologies related to making patterns on aluminized films, the method of selectively removing the aluminized layer by dissolving the aluminum layer is very famous, and it is also a method that people discuss and apply most in practice. It can be completed by several different processes

one method is to print a layer of anti-corrosion pattern on the surface of the aluminum coating, then use saturated sodium hydroxide warm water solution to corrode the aluminum coating, and then rinse and dry it

another technology is to slightly etch the aluminum coating directly with UV ink, and a corrosion point of 0.2 mils can be obtained

another patented technology is to directly print corrosive agent on the metal surface, which can obtain 1. The following is the protection, maintenance and precautions for the use of cold and hot shock testing machine, with a resolution of 00 lines/inch

2. Selective aluminum plating method

selective aluminum plating method is to deposit a material on the surface of the film where aluminum plating is not required, so as to prevent electrochemical aluminum particles from sticking here during aluminum plating, and then conduct aluminum plating

this material is similar to low vapor pressure oil, which is usually coated on the film by gravure printing before aluminum plating. This oil layer destroys the ability of the aluminum coating to become wet and adhere to the surface of the film. Another possibility is that the aluminum atoms evaporate again, leaving a blank without aluminum on the film

the metal lines and patterns produced by this printing method have clear edges, and the line resolution is only limited by the gravure printing resolution

3. Mask method

mask method is to install a physical mask between the evaporation head and the plated film, so that the generated "aluminum shadow" creates an aluminum free area on the surface of the film, that is, a window is opened. Because the aluminum precipitation at any position on the film surface is the synthesis of aluminum from several evaporation heads, the edge of the window will not be very clear, just like the shadow line produced by multiple light sources

if there is a high requirement for the clarity of the edge, the comprehensive use of mask method and selective aluminum plating method can not only control the amount of low vapor pressure oil, but also ensure that the edge of the window (image) is clear

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